Our sugar free challenge

Health care provider Benenden have  launched a new campaign, Bloggers Vs Sugar it is a sugar free  challenge which a number of bloggers are undertaking, Yesterday (gulp) we had a go. Our challenge was to spend one entire day sugar free.

Here is a little vlog to show you how we got on:

I tried to make each meal look as appealing as possible so the children would not moan. Here is breakfast…..




I have some tips from my challenge that might help you if you fancy do the same thing…

  1. Meal plan …right down to your supper choices..you need the right food in or this can really be tough
  2. Get your other half on board or you may end up doing all the cooking!
  3. Get the children on board so they understand what you are trying to do and why you imght be eating a bit differently
  4. Make up a few sugar free treats so no one feels deprives ( but perhaps experiment a bit with recipes beforehand so you don’t have a muffin disaster like me!)
  5.  It is well worth doing some research. Over at The Sugar Bowl there is loads of useful information about sugar, including  ideas for snacks and meals, how to break a sugar addiction, choosing  healthier takeaways and even alternatives to Easter Eggs.

sugar bowl

6. make sure you ave in alternatives, salad with no dressing and sausages with no ketchup were met with many moans and I had no substitutes to offer.

If you undertake a sugar free challenge I would love to hear how you get on!


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