How to manage energy price hikes

How to manage energy price hikes

Recent news has highlighted the fact that energy prices are again on the increase. In the midst of the ongoing recession this is worrying news for us all. There are some big gestures you can make to address energy costs long term for example installing solar panels from a company like Evoenergy, wind turbines, loft installations, efficient condensing boilers, complete double or even triple galzed windows and so on. However most of us with young families do not have the luxury of outlaying such high cost solutions to address a long term problem.


Budget repsonses to increased energy bills are plentiful and I bet your granny has loads to share too!

  • Turn your thermostat down a degree or two and ensure your water thermostat is down too
  • Before you even consider putting on the heating do consider an extra layer of clothing!
  • Something warm to eat can often take away the chills too so keep some soup in.
  • If you have a small loft space consider space blankets and doing a bit of installing  yourself

Call your local authority and see if you are eligible for any home energy grants.

  • Consider doubling up in your oven e.g. cakes at the same time as your potatoes to avoid wasting energy
  • Consider a halogen oven – they cost form about £40 and can cook a whole meal easily, quickly and cost efficiently.
  • Turn off any appliances at night or when out and ask your enegy supplier for a smart meter so you can monitr what is being used.
  • When replacing applicances go for the most energy efficient models you can afford.
  • Turn mobile phone chargers etc. plugged in if not in use  as they will still be draining energy.

and for all you romantics out there…..

  • Conisder candlight…it’s very romantic dont you know!

Do you have any good tips?



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