Get your Savvy Savings at the Supermarket

Do you want to make some Savvy Savings at the supermarket? Of course you do. It’s one of our biggest expenses isn’t it.

Do you remember a while ago I wrote a post on saving money on your baby food and told you all about which (for free) allows you to do your shop and then compare basket costs across 4 other supermarkets before you proceed to which checkout you desire. Such a good idea and a great way to save money!
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Well they have got even better! They have now launched the Savvy Shopper Programme which suggests the best savings for individual customers based on their previous shopping baskets. This makes it easier for registered customers to find special offers on products that they are interested in.

They suggest the Savvy Buys option at the beginning of the shop and then you can add these items to your basket and continue with the rest of your shop, like you normally would. A great feature of this is that they show you the best offers from all the supermarkets at one time and then give you the option to split your shop 2 ways in order to realise the highest savings.

The Savvy Buys suggested to you are based on your shopping history on mySupermarket. If you already compare prices and shop on the site then to start savvy shopping you can click on the Savvy Shopping button on the My Supermarket homepage. You simply follow the directions to get started. There is also a tutorial explaining how to use the Savvy Buys Programme on youtube

If you have never visited mySupermarket before then this Savvy Shopping button will not show up on the homepage as it can only suggest Savvy Buys personal to you if it knows what you like to shop for! Instead, you can see all the Savvy Buys options available by looking on the Savvy Buys shelf. This is the complete list of Savvy Buys available, supermarket by supermarket, and not the ones suggested for you personally. Also, all the Savvy Buys are marked with a green thumbs up symbol which appears throughout the website so even when you’re shopping normally, you can still see these best savings options.
Its really easy to navigate and such a great idea and whats best is it doesn’t cost you a penny to use!
Absolutely brilliant for a parent on a budget who does indeed need to be a savvy shopper! If you do try this out do let me know how you get on with your savvy savings at the supermarket.


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