Review: Back to School at Tesco

I am sharing some of my best back to school tips in  Tesco magazine this month and there are some great ones in there. One fab mum (who I know of as a brilliant business woman) actually took her son to start school on his very first day on the WRONG day! Her tip is check your calender!!

Here is a short film from Tesco where mums talk about what they want from uniforms:

Tesco have always been brilliant for  back to school bargains and this year is no exception. They have just sent me a bundle of uniforms to review (which is very gratefully received over at baby budgeting) let me tell you.


tesco school uniform, tesco back to school

All look very smart and good quality. I have picked out my favourites to show you ….

tesco back to school budget

100% cotton nice scalloped collar edging and 2 for £2. I have bought the school s own befor and yes they do last longer BUT at this price pen marks, paint marks etc. that I can’t get out don’t worry me at all.  Take a look at these trousers..


2 pairs of NO IRON  and dirt defense trousers for £5. What a bargain!!


The last thing I want to show you is this lovely waterproof and fleece lined coat just perfect for Autumn just £12.

school coat tesco, tesco back to school

So some lovely items from Tesco back to School range and such brilliant value.

Teco’s back to school range is available all year round but everyone goes a bit uniform shopping crazy in late August. My top tip would be to get your uniform now (before everywhere sells out) then forget about school and enjoy the next few weeks off!


Tesco provided me with this r set for the purpose of review but my opinions, as ever, are entirely my own.



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