How to have a clutter free home with kids

Is clutter inevitable with kids?

Having a clutter-free home when you have young children can feel like a complete impossibility. They have endless toys and ‘stuff’ like changing mats and rattles, bottles and dummies.  You are busy, overtired and in constant demand. Surely it’s impossible to keep the clutter in order?  It isn’t though .you just need to be smart in how you tackle your clutter and you will be able to control it. Some people will advise you to just let clutter be when you have small children and accept it is part of the stage you are at in your parenting.

I don’t agree with this at all though. I think clutter causes problems both physically and emotionally and it is best managed.



Why clutter is an issue

Clutters not ideal when you have a baby or toddler because really it just adds to the chaos and disorder that a demanding young child brings. This can make you feel stressed and that you are not in control. A calm environment will make you feel more ordered and in control. It is also much safer of course for a young child to be in an uncluttered environment.


How to easily control your clutter

  • The easiest way to control your clutter is not to have too much ‘stuff’ in the first place. reducing your consumerism means less clutter and less expense. babies need very little really to entertain them and meet their needs. Don’t overbuy.
  • Regular tidy up routines also really help with clutter so a clean sweep just before supper is well worth the 15-minutes it will take. – no matter how tired you are. Rope everyone in and just whizz through the house putting stuff away. Starting the next morning with a tidy house will make you feel good
  • Good shelving controls clutter and makes tidying up so much easier. There are some lovely storage solutions at Cox and Cox and this green shelf trolley on wheels is absolutely my favourite! So stylish and practical too.


how to have a clutter free home with kids

So there you go – how to have a clutter free home with kids and actually it il make your life so much easier if you do.


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