How to make a baby’s first Christmas special

Make a baby’s first Christmas special – How to make this special time absolutely magical


Make a baby's first Christmas special, How to make a baby's first Christmas special

How to make a baby’s first Christmas special

There are some lovely things you can do to make a baby’s first Christmas special and here are some ideas to guide you.

A special book

A Christmas book is a lovely thing and will be enjoyed each year for a long time. We have a beautiful version of The Night Before Christmas and I have read it to my children every Christmas eve since they were born.


Make a baby’s first Christmas special with a nativity set

If the child’s family are religious a little nativity set is a very sweet first Christmas gift. My children had a tiny wooden one which we have taken out each and every year. So totally lovely and hopefully it will become part of their own family traditions one day.


A special bauble

I have bought my child a bauble every year of their life so that when they are ready to leave home and have their own Christmas tree they will have a selection from their childhood ready to hang. You could make their first bauble a really special one.



Oh, lots and lots of photos should be taken of a baby’s first Christmas – do try and get one of the whole family too. Mums often get missed out of baby photos as they are often just too busy taking them!  I wouldn’t worry too much about trussing them up with Santa hats and tinsel just try capturing the magic of Christmas with the babies parents holding them perhaps by the tree? Just lovely. A memory to treasure.


First Christmas card

First Christmas cards are so precious, defintely something people keep  – my mum kept ours all her life and I have kept my children’s. A card gives you the chance to express your thoughts and wishes and leave words that will be read again and again. In some ways, they can be so much more meaningful than a present.  You can get a gorgeous baby’s first Christmas from the Card Factory and there are a huge variety. You can even make a personalised card which is such a lovely gesture and particularly appreciated if the child has an unusual name.


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