Baby Gift Ideas That Will Stand the Test of Time

Buying presents for a new baby is both hard and easy if you think about it. Hard because babies don’t really want anything and easy because…well because babies don’t really want anything!

Of course the real key here is showing the parents that you care. A toy for the little one is great fun, but here are some present ideas that are more from the heart. Get them right and years later they’ll still be kept as proud mementos of this amazing time.

Baby Gift Ideas That Will Stand the Test of Time


Photo Gifts with a Fresh Twist

When there’s a newborn in the family we all crowd round to get a photo. And the best ones will become cherished reminders of those magical first hours and days. So a professional print of one of these favourites is a perfect gift idea.

You’ll want the quality to be as good as possible. A classic framed photo is always a popular choice that looks really smart and fitting to the importance of the occasion. Photo printing experts always have amazing attention to detail so any baby photo will look its absolute best up on the wall.

And if you want to show off that special photo in a different way then canvas prints are a quirky and original option to try. Your photo will be printed onto a canvas that’s folded over a wooden frame, gallery style. It’s the perfect way for the new bundle of joy to kick off his or her modelling career!




Baby jewellery is an idea that not everyone would think of. But just imagine how sweet the little one would look with a tiny colourful bracelet around their wrist or ankle. You can buy special jewellery for kids online, or why not try your hand at making it yourself? Of course the more of the personal touch a gift has, the more meaningful it will be for everyone involved.

And a great tip for you: traditionally giving silver items to a newborn was seen as bringing luck. Needless to say any baby will grow out of their jewellery soon enough. But a really special piece will be an heirloom for years to come.



Timeless Toys

A lot of toys on the market are pretty disposable. And not all of them are going to be a hit anyway. Babies can be a bit choosy, that’s just a fact of life!

Try going for classic quality over shiny novelty. Think traditional wooden toys, the same simple designs that our grandparents would have played with. Rattles, pull-along horses, trucks. These chunky designs from yesteryear have a great chance of lighting up a baby’s life. But even if they don’t get quite the rave review you hoped for, there’s absolutely no doubt that they’ll touch the heart of mum and dad.

Whatever you choose as a baby gift, lasting quality and a bit of loving thought has to be the most important part. After all the first moments of baby’s life will be just memories before we know it. And it’s the extra meaningful presents that will be kept in the family as the baby grows to a child and even further.



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