My top five declutter tips

Today – My top five declutter tips

How do you get on dealing with all the stuff that infiltrates your family life? It just gets ourof hand doens’t it. Never fear ia m gere to tell you decluttering does not have to be that hard. I hoepmy tips help!


My top five declutter tips

1) Do your storage spaces first so you have somewhere to store items you need to. If your storage space is inaccesible you are never going to win

2) Have a bin liner for each possibility as object by object you make a decision- storage, charity, recycling, friends , mending and the rubbish bin all clearly labelled. Have a box for SELL you need to keep these bits in perfect condition!

3) Be decisive and ruthless. make decisions. Putting off decisions is the root cause of clutter.

4) Do one room at a time. Go for it  for at least one hour put an alarm after one hour on your phone. When your time is up stop rest and plan when you do the next haul. Chances are you will want to carry on.

5) Clean, clear spaces make you feel fabulous. It is also nice to make some cash out of items you no longer use. Keep focussed on these 2 points for motivation.

Perhaps you are thinking of selling on Gumtree? It is the Uk’s no.1 Classified site it is a really super easy way to sell items for free,

top five declutter tips

Good luck with your decluttering.

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