Easy Ways to Feel Good on a Budget

Today – Easy Ways to Feel Good on a Budget

easy ways to feel good on a budget


Do you know any  Easy Ways to Feel Good on a Budget – well dont worry if you dont becuase I have a few great ideas here for you today .

I want to get into the heart of things and consider easy ways to feel good on a budget. I don’t just mean physically but emotionally and spiritually too. I want you to be able to feel really good about budgeting and not see it a constraint or a burden but be at peace with cutting back for now. Relaxing physically and emotionally is very important to our well being and life quality. Money can buy spa days, therapeutic treatments and holidays in glorious sunshine. There are however many budget ways to relax.


Easy Ways to Feel Good on a Budget

1. Sleep well

Sleeping well is so very important to wellbeing and it costs you nothing at all,A great sleep routine can make you feel refreshed every day. It is recommended you go to bed and wake up at roughly the same time every day even the weekend that you avoid food an hour before you sleep. That you make your bedroom airy and calm.  Perhaps a bath before bed and a little read to help you relax? A good night’s sleep helps you feel a million dollars.

easy Ways to Feel Good on a Budget

2 Create a spa in your home

A home spa experience may not be the same as a full on pricey spa day out but can make you feel tip top. A great big bubble bath and a facemask, doing your nails, intense conditioning your hair. Having a loving partner give you a back massage. Defuzzzing, using your best moisturiser form head to toe and popping some cold cucumber on your eyes. You will fell a lot lot better and it will have cost very little. It is important to pamper yourself so do devote a chunk of time to a home spa session. Because you’re worth it.

3 Talking therapies

Therapy is a very useful tool in helping people explore their life and where they are going particularly if they feel stuck with negative emotions. You can sometimes access therapy through your doctor or specialist voluntary /charity such as Cruise for bereavement.However if you just want a place to talk through your problems and explore how you feel may I suggest  before you spend any money….have a think about who in your family listens well. Really listens and hears you. Who makes you feel safe and cared about and unjudged. If you can identify someone who brings all these gifts to the table then you are blessed. Talking things over is healing talking them over with an empathic listener helps you truly explore our emotions. Go for a long walk with this friend really talks to them, I am sure you will feel better.

P.S A little bunch of flowers as a thank you for listening is far cheaper than a therapy session!

4. Learn to delay gratification.is one of the simplest  of the easy ways to feel good on a budget

Putting off what you want can be so good for you. Once you have got over the initial frustration of not being able to get what you want immediately you will soon see why. Saving your money up to buy a new cooker compared to just ordering a replacement as soon as you feel like it makes the world of difference. The saved for new cooker will be appreciated so much more and bring so much more pleasure it will be savoured and valued. Practicing impulse control can help stops impulse spending/eating/drinking etc.  and is a great role model for our children. We want them to learn to save, to wait, to think first, to have a work ethic and a pause button. As always they do what we do not what we say.

5. Avoid temptation.

Yes avoiding tempation can make a huige difference. Don’t browse through catalogues when you are skint, shop when you haven’t eaten or linger in a toy aisle when you have a child in tow. If you are constantly looking at what you can’t have you will feel bitterness and discontent.

6. Foster an attitude of gratitude

What you need to do instead of facing temptation is to foster an attitude of gratitude. (I love that that rhymes!) Whilst you have a roof over your head and food in your bellies you are doing okay. We all know when we see starving children on the TV we feel intensely privileged with what we have an even a little guilty. Well conversely we start looking at what we don’t have we feel dissatisfied. So we need to look at what we do have, we need to acknowledge it and be grateful for what we have right here and now.

I encourage my children after every meal to say thank you mummy for a lovely meal. I am not the world’s greatest cook and sometime ‘lovely meal’ is an overstatement! The intention behind this is that they are saying thank you and acknowledging what been don’t for them and the food they have eaten. I always have them write thank you notes too. There is a family we exchange gifts with each year who never even mention what we have given to them or say thank you, I wonder if they do value and appreciate these gifts?

Each night at bedtime we look back over the day and find 3 good things to say thank you for.  This helps the children have a positive attitude about their world and feel excited and grateful for the life they have. This can only promote their wellbeing and stop them ‘wanting’ all the time.

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I really do hope you have found this post on easy Ways to Feel Good on a Budget useful and that you put them into action. If you have any tips on easy Ways to Feel Good on a Budget then please do share them with us all in the comments below. Sharing is caring and I love to hear all your brilliant ideas.

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