How literacy impacts wealth and health

How literacy impacts wealth and health

Many moons ago my mum taught me to read. I was very young.

I love reading it has been a constant source of education and entertainment throughout my life.

I consider this to be one of the most important gifts she ever gave me.

We were not wealthy and we had few books but she took me to the library every single week and I read and read and I read.

Eventually I took an A level in Literature and went off to do a degree at the University of Essex in American literature which was just a delight. I now write blogs and books as my full time job. A love of reading really can help you career and otherwise.

My children also love to read and know that helps them so much with their school work and life.

Literacy has such a huge impact on both our lives and our livelihood.

Take a look at the infographics below and see how literacy rates impact so many areas of life from our wealth to our well-being and beyond. It really is so important.



There are just so many benefits to being able to read well.



Literacy around the world affects life poverty, life span and so much more.


How literacy impacts wealth and health

Do you and your children love to read?

What can you do today to encourage their love of literacy.


Thanks to Books a Million for the infographic




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