Dream Vacations

I have always believed that spending your money on experiences tops spending your money on possessions. To this end I have been pondering a really special holiday.

I have been looking this week at vacation homes in Barbados and drooling at some of the gorgeous apartments and villas in the area.

Dream Vacations

I am simply craving sunshine now the grey mornings have set in, whilst Christmas is more than 2 months away but seems the only bright spot on the horizon. I find this is always the time of year I start to think about vacations. It certainly chases away the winter blues.

Two places I would absolutely love to visit and a re firmly on my bucket list are Barbados and Wyoming. Wildly different to where I live now and both full of interesting places to see, things to do and of course the most stunning properties.

Luxury Retreats is  a luxury accommodations website and they feature the most stunning accommodation. Their last minute offers include some absolute gems and really were so tantalising. and they range form the glorious wilds of Wyoming to the sun kissed island of Jamaica. These are two places I would just love to visit.


Barbados immediately makes me think of sunshine and beaches, rum cocktails and lying on a lounger doing pretty much nothing but basking in the sun. That all sounds very good to me and very tempting.

I have written in the past about why villa holidays are perfect for families and  absolutely the thought of a beautiful villa in Barbados on the beach front would get a huge round of applause from me. Can you imagine the sunrises and the sunsets? Wow.

This the Great House which is in a huge (sleeps 16) gated property on Turtle Beach

One of the most exciting aspects of staying in this home is that you’ll have access to its 30-foot pleasure boat, manned by the villa’s boatman this vessel is available during the day to guests for just the price of fuel. It can be used for waterskiing or wakeboarding or to travel to a neighboring beach. Other amenities include kayaks, a laser sailboat and snorkel gear, though the backyard’s centerpiece is its large, heated pool, complete with a deck outfitted with cushioned lounge chairs.

Doesn’t that look absolutely magnificent? What a perfect extended family holiday.

Barabdos has a lot more to offer though than sunshine, sailing and and sandy beaches. These attractions sound wonderful!

Harrison’s Cave   – this places sounds absolutely spectacular. It is s a massive underground cave stream system, with caverns and crystallized formations. You travel aboard aboard a tram, past clear streams and cascading waterfalls all underground. This a must see!

St Nicholas Abbey This is an old plantation house and a rum factory – history culture and entertainment in one! It is said to be well worth the visit!

An Island Safari  – this gets rave reviews over at Trip Advisor as a fun and bumpy jeep ride around the island..a great way to see it and a lovely way to learn more about Barbados. I would definitely be up for one of these!

With gorgeous Caribbean food, submarine adventures, steel bands, calypso dancing, tranquil watrs and probably every single water sport imaginable barabados really does look to be a holiday to met every interest!

One day…

Some where else I would love to visit – so completely different to sunny Barabados, is Wyoming.



Doesn’t this property in Wyoming look stunning and it is less than $800 a night with Luxury Retreats last minutes deal. It sleeps 11 so is a pretty good deal and it sounds just stunning !

Shooting Star Cabin 6 is located in the middle of an adventurer’s Eden. Two large wings connected by a two-story glass bridge form the house. Outside, the neighbouring stream serenades the airy rooms with the quiet sound of bubbling water. With easy proximity to the slopes and access to over five miles of groomed Nordic trails, this villa is a skier’s dream and a hiker’s paradise!

I have long held a fascination for Wyoming and just a cursory glance at National Geographic lists a host of wonderful places to visit in the area around Jackson Hole.

Teton Village which can be found at the foot of the mountain resort has all kinds of activities on offer from riding and cycling to skiing

Granite hot springs – are just 30 minutes from Jackson and a lovely way to soak away a day

Yellowstone national park – is about an hour a way and supposedly the best national park – ever!  It has rainbow coluored mineral pools, erupting geysers and a stunning and bizarre landscape  landscape carved by glaciers and lava.

Jackson itself is said to  full of good food and cowboys.-it all  sounds pretty perfect to me!  According to Wikipedia it is the least populated state in the USA so imagine all that space and not many people…bliss. Wyoming is a place of sharp contrast and stunning beauty.

I cannot wait to visit one day!


Defining our travel goals

I think it is really important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve in life for if you set your target you know where to aim. I have the same thoughts about travel too, I think knowing where you would like to visit and doing some research about flights and accommodation and things to do there can really help crystallise your vision, and stop a dream from being only a dream.





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  1. October 16, 2017 / 11:56 am

    The destinations look wonderful, but the prices are still out of range of most people. I cannot escape the feeling that in this age of virtual reality, busy people, prices going up during school holidays, travel time eating into time-available for short weekend breaks etc, that the next big thing will be the virtual vacation. People will just turn up the central heating and put on an immersive headset. There may even be a possibility of “share my vacation” in which a person with a camera-type headset will be able to share his/her experiences with others in return for a revenue stream.

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