How to Breathe New Life into Old School Supplies

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As the end of a school year rolls around each year, you may be faced with the common dilemma of deciding what to do with the school supplies that your child brings home. This could include everything from half-used crayons to crumpled file folders and small bottles of glue. It’s helpful to deal with this dilemma right away, rather than leaving it until the end of the holiday. Many of these supplies can be spruced up and reused for another year, if sorted and stored correctly.

Decide What to Toss
It’s normal that some of the supplies that your child brings home are beyond repair. Broken pencils, used tissues, and anything ripped or torn should be recycled if possible or else simply dropped in the rubbish. If there are items that your child will not be using in the future because they’re outgrown them, you could hand them down to younger siblings or donate them to charity. Many non-profits are in dire need of high-quality school and office supplies. Be sure to take off any kids labels with Mynametags first if you choose to donate them, so that the child receiving them gets a fresh start.
What to Keep
There are certain items that it will make sense to keep. Pens, crayons, markers, and other art supplies are expensive and can be used for another year. Bottles of glue, scissors, rulers, calculators, or other items of this nature can also be kept and reused. Some of these items may not be needed for school again, but they can be reused around the home.
Making the Old New Again
You may face a bit of fuss when it’s time to prepare for a new school year and your child sees that they are getting the same old supplies. Combat this by putting them in special new containers or affixing colourful UK name labels or stickers to them. Any way to give them new packaging will help make them more appealing to children. Chances are that you will need to purchase some new items for the school year, which can be combined with the recycled items. With a blend of old and new supplies, your child will be ready to face the challenges that a new school year brings.



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