Building your child’s library

Today – Building your child’s library

Owning books is not something I always recommend as a budgeter. I always champion visits to the library where huge amounts of books over the years can be borrowed and returned. I love the recycling nature of libraries and the fact that whether or not you have any money is no barrier to reading.

Building your child’s library

Building your child’s library

I also believe in sharing books; book swap parties and loans between friends are just two ways of doing this

For children whose capacity to learn to read often rushes along there would be little point in buying books, they would outgrow them so soon. Despite knowing this I can’t help myself I do buy books. Lots of books. My children have large collections, their own little libraries.

We have purchased books very cheaply or been given to them. WE have bought from everywhere I heartily recommend car boot sales, jumble sales, school fairs, NCT sales, eBay, Amazon used, the Book People and my favourite place, Charity shops.

Heading to the book stores  can also be a wonderful way to spend time with your kids and a national book token is a great gift to ask for on behalf of your child at Christmas or on birthdays. Going to a bookshop enables you to look at lots of books and to really get a feel for what interests your child. You can always by it second hand off Amazon later if that is a better budgeting option for you.

Owning books isn’t a necessity but it is lovely to own well-loved books and build up your own little library. My kids now read out loud the books I read to them when they were little.  Books grow with you. My son reads and re reads his books all the time. Particularly his famous five books that belonged to my mum!

To have a library of books is really wonderful thing. Whenever you wish, you can pick out a book you love and read.  You can trace a child’s history in their learning to read through their books and they bring back such memories. They can be kept for the next generation too.


Who else benefits from you building your child’s library

Every so often though a declutter is in order and some books that aren’t so well loved and which won’t be reread need to go. Charity shops welcome them with open arms but they do sell well at car boots if you need the pennies yourself. Keep one or two precious ones back though. In years to come they will really make you smile.

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