How to encourage children to enjoy reading


How to encourage children to enjoy reading

How to encourage children to enjoy reading – top tips

Do you wonder how to encourage children to enjoy reading?

I do enjoy a bit of storytelling and I am really partial to a good coffee (and a Costa cake!)

I love it when good things come together!

Recently award-winning children’s book author Janet Ellis, hosted a one-off Nottingham storytelling workshop at Costa, in response to research revealing that 95%* of parents in the area believe that adding theatre to their storytelling is important when reading to their children.

Oh I completely agree, children love you to do voices and add a bit of drama don’t they!

The workshop saw Janet share hints and tips with parents to help bring children’s stories to life. Children at the event enjoyed babyccinos whilst Janet talked through storytelling advice

The event took place in support of Save The Children’s nationwide Read On. Get On. programme, which aims to ensure that by 2025 every child in the UK is a confident reader by age 11.

What an a absolutely fantastic cause!

Janet said,

“Read On. Get On. supports a truly worthwhile cause – a lot of parents don’t realise how important reading is for children in order to unlock their full potential.

Enjoying Reading is everything!

I so completely agree reading has been one of the great pleasures of my life enabling me to learn, escape, dream and create, make, do and teach. I love that my children love to read. I want that for every child.

Costa support Save the Children to train reading volunteers, including Costa’s own employees, to provide one-to-one assistance to primary school children through the charity’s Born to Read programme. Costa’s support is currently helping over 300 children in the UK improve their literacy skills and fulfil their potential through dedicated weekly reading sessions in schools.

I think that is pretty fantastic dont’t you!

Here are 3 of my favourite tips from the reading programme ….


Tips for reading with kids

  • When talking with your child or looking at books together, help them to focus on what you are saying: Turn off the TV, the radio or the mobile. Removing distractions helps your child
  • Get down to the child’s level or bring them up to yours. This helps get their attention. Young children find it difficult to listen while they are doing something else.
  • Say their name first to help them stop and listen. Make sure your child can see your face when you are talking together. The gestures and facial expressions help give clues about what you’re saying. For example, a smile, a ‘thumbs up’.

They have tons more!

Families across the country can find out more about the Read On. Get On. programme by visiting


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