Essentials for your baby’s nursery


Have you been thinking about essentials for your baby’s nursery?

Creating and kitting out a nursery is a primary focus for many soon to be mum’s. This is an exciting time, with many choices on the horizon particularly if you are yet to discover whether you are having either a boy or a girl. Since you may find determining a theme and colour for your nursery more challenging decisions.


Essentials for your baby’s nursery

We are going to take you through some key essentials to help you create the perfect nursery for your baby.


Keeping your baby’s nursery at the perfect temperature.

When the cooler months arrive it is crucial that your baby’s nursery maintains a regular and comfortable temperature. Highly advanced electric radiators are a precise heating device which incorporate an integrated digital thermostat with a measuring accuracy of 0.2 degrees Celsius. The advanced SlimPro from My Electric Radiators makes it possible to program your nursery’s temperature for each hour of the day across the entire week.

On top of that It’s possible to accurately preserve the nursery at any chosen temperature. Since each radiator has a built in digital thermostat (a device that regulates temperatures) this means that once the room temperature has been achieved the radiator automatically switches onto an eco standby mode, only consuming electricity whilst topping up the heat if and when necessary, making them amazingly energy efficient.



The advantage of an eco electric radiator is that you have so much more control over that of a gas system, quite simply you can customise the temperature of your nursery completely separately from the rest of your home. Prices start at £149 and you can expect running costs from just a few pence per hour. How you may be wondering? Well this isn’t a typical electric radiator that you might be able to pick up at your local merchant, it’s packed with the latest energy efficient technology which means in the real world that one hour of heating may use less than 20 minutes of electricity, which is fab for your pocket!

Baby's nursery

Choosing the right cot / bed furniture

Selecting the perfect cot could quite possibly be one of the most expensive decisions you make for  your nursery. Prices start from around the £70 region and can progress to over £800 for more luxury models. Deciding to opt for a cot bed over a single functioning cot will pay dividends since a cot bed can accommodate the needs of your child right until they reach around nine years of age. You will also be pleased to hear that cot beds are not much more expensive than a single functioning cot making them a wise investment for the years ahead. So how does a cot bed work you may ask? Cot beds are designed with removable sides so that they can easily be transformed into a toddler sized bed when the need arrises. Additionally they will take up slightly more room in your nursery due to the long term design of them. Most are fitted with an adjustable base height which is perfect to make use of as your baby grows. Setting your cot to the highest base level during the first couple of months will allow picking up and placing your baby a much simpler task.

Once you notice that your baby is in the early stages of pulling him or herself up then it is time to adjust the base height once again to ensure that your child remains safe and secured in their cot. A majority of cots are fitted with drop sides which are designed to allow lifting your baby in and out more easily. In the US drop sided cots were prohibited in 2011 following deaths and accidents due to faulty sides. Whilst in the UK our safety standards currently remain under European legislation which is much more stringent than those in the US. Keep an eye out for British Standards number BS EN 716-2:2008 on any potential purchase.


Toys / interactive playtime

A baby’s development from birth to six months is a rapid one during which time your baby will relish exploring their new surroundings. The best toys for this stage should be designed to stimulate the five senses – sight, touch, sound, smell, taste as well as balance and recognition. During the first month your baby’s eye sight will be blurred beyond 30cm from their eyes. When playing with your baby keep this in mind and allow your face to be no further than 30cm away so they can see your expressions!

Your babies hearing will be well developed at birth so look out for toys with nursery rhymes or similar gentle sounds and well as bright colours and textures! Baby floor gyms are very popular at this stage since they are designed to develop basic motor skills through perfecting the grabbing and holding techniques. Refrain from purchasing toys which have sharp edges or ones that are made up of small components and at no time attach dangling toys to a cot due to the obvious dangers connected with elastic or cords.


What qualities should I look for in a toy?

Purchase from a reputable company and look for the British Kite Safety Mark.

  • Bright colours – colours are stimulating
  • Sound – until a baby’s eyesight is fully developed a baby will use sound to obtain a sense of where objects are, the classic baby rattle and music mobile are perfect
  • Touchy feely toys – These are fantastic at introducing different textures stimulating the senses
  • Motion – A baby’s eye sight will be relatively blurry beyond a 30cm focus range which means he will be able to pick up movement more easily in contrast to stationary objects.
  • Suspended toys – These are perfect for developing a baby’s grabbing technique.


Safety gates

Help keep your little adventurer protected from household dangers with an essential baby safety gate. Safety gates are adjustable meaning that they can fit various widths of door frames and have the added benefit from a quick release fitting making them effortlessly adaptable for use elsewhere. For example If you want to sit in the living room with your little one you can quickly move the safety gate from your nursery and fasten it to the door frame of your living room within minutes, it really is that flexible to release and install. As your youngster begins to crawl you may wish to purchase a secondary safety gate solely for the stairs which will offer comforting peace of mind. Safety gates can be found in any good baby store moreover they are reasonably priced costing around £25 – £30.

Safety gates


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    These are all so good. We’re just about to get our baby gates down from the attic because the baby can now open doors! I love that hot air balloon mobile, so colourful!
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