Want to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient But Can’t Afford The Upfront Cost?

Todays guest post is for those wishing to be that bit greener,

Many families across Britain are struggling with energy costs; a particularly bad problem in the middle of winter, with babies to keep warm and mouths to feed! It’s remarkable how much a difference things such as double glazing and insulation can make to the warmth of a home, but not many families have the luxury of being able to afford the upfront cost of such measures. The government is concerned both about this, and the damage energy-waste does to the environment. In an attempt to make the country a greener place, it has decided to undergo “the biggest home-improvement scheme since the second world war.”

This initiative is called the Green Deal, and will be applicable to anyone who feels their home is in need of energy-saving improvements. All together there are 45 measures under the scheme, which are all intended to make properties retain heat, use less electricity, and generally be more comfortable places to live. Having a new-born suddenly shakes up one’s priorities; you simply can’t live in a draughty, chilly home with rattling single-glazing windows and a 25-year-old boiler. But many cannot afford the upfront cost of such big home improvements.

The Green Deal Scheme aims to make these improvements affordable. Any Green Deal work will be paid for through the property owner’s energy-bill savings. A clever way of tackling both the financial and environmental concerns of Britain, the government has developed the Green Deal loan, which means that families will only ever pay back less than the money they are saving on their bills.

This means that families can have double glazing installed, boilers fitted and insulation without having to fork out for thousands of pounds in one go. The logic is clear; the government need to give families an incentive to hop on board with helping the environment.

There will even be funding available for microgeneration methods of energy saving, including solar panels and ground and air source heat pumps.

So if you have had a vague temptation to go greener but have never known how to go about it, Green Deal UK is the perfect chance to do so, with all the hard work being done for you.



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