Good with budgeting & want to be on TV? Apply now – £100 paid for a few hours work

I have been contacted by a producer at Crackit Productions ( working for BBC3 for a potential money-makeover show about the recession. The basic premise is to take a well-to-do family who think they are struggling and in financial hardship, yet still own a few cars, do a weekly shop at Waitrose, have gym membership etc etc. They then get a family in who, in their eyes, are the real ‘financial experts’ who tend to live on less but make it go a long way.

This is a show to celebrate hard working and honest people that we all know up and down the country. They want a family that work hard and make the most of what they’ve got. Just honest people trying and succeeding in making ends meet.They will then show the other family how to budget by suggesting different tips and ways that they might use in their day-to-day lives.

  • They are  ideally after a family with teenage kids still living at home
  • · the only stipulation is a combined household income of no more than around 30-35K a year
  • · the producer would want to meet with you this week.
  • The appropraite family would be paid £100
  • · This is a pilot. Nothing is being filmed at this stage so don’t worry!

It’s a very exciting project, and potentially one that will be a lot fun. Email me at with your contact details if you are interested and I will pass the info on.


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