3 home improvements that benefit young families

I have been pondering home improvements that benefit young families.

When you have a young family there are just so many demands on your time that many things go by the wayside. I remember when my kids were very small that just getting a meal on the table at night felt like a huge achievement. And, despite having worked hard all day my husband often came home to undone laundry and no milk in the fridge. Busy, fabulous and exhausting times.

I often reflect that we should have prepared our home earlier for the onset of our young family,  as once they were actually here the thought of making home improvements really did seem a step too far and too much to take on board.

What do I wish we had done to our home pre-kids?  Oh, there are few home improvements that benefit young families tremendously and with hindsight, we would have got these done in advance

Home improvements that benefit young families


Having a conservatory is such a blessing when you have young children. It is a room that is just made for storing toys and converting into a playroom. We found that bin utilising our conservatory as a room for the kids we were able to keep the chaos contained! and our lounge remained a pleasant plastic free refuge.  The problem we had was that we had no up to date ou conservatory in some time. We could probably have done with a new one, to be honest, ours was both draughty and poorly glazed and there was a leak in the rood too. Yikes. Fabulous to have this extra room though and a home improvement I would really recommend before kids come along


The problem with old houses is that you inherit problems such as poor workmanship. I honestly think our windows were never properly fitted and it is this, not just the passing years that has rendered them shoddy.  Replacement windows would have been such a good idea pre-baby and would have saved a lot of hassle trying to manage young children amid home renovations! Still, so glad they are now done. Good glazing not only keeps your young family safe and secure and warm and cosy BUT it also, of course, massively reduces your energy consumption by keeping the warmth in. Anything that lowers your bills when you have a young family is really valuable.


Oh, cream carpets- really what on earth was I thinking. They did not cope with nappy spills and spilt calpol at all well. I would have put laminate or engineered wood flooring throughout the house just as soon as we had the kids walking. Carpets are great for tumbles and walking but oh they really do not survive those baby years!


What about you? Did you do any home improvements before your baby came?  Are there any you wish you had done?


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