The Benefits of Nursery Wall Stickers


Let’s take a look at today at nursery wall stickers and their many benefits, in terms of cost and choice and speed of application.


nursery wall stickers

Planning a nursey

Is anything more exciting than planning your child’s nursery?

There is so much to decide; from putting together their cot, deciding on the layout you want, whether or not you want a changing table and where to put the rocking chair. These decisions can be all-consuming and you will be busy!

You may have a clear idea in your mind about what you would like your child’s nursery to look like. You may have a colour scheme and theme already decided or you may literally have no clue where to start. Regardless of how clear your vision, this is an exciting project and one you will want to invest some energy in.

The only problem is your energy for the physical side of decorating can be in short supply when you are pregnant.



Nursery on a budget

Energy isn’t the only thing that can be in short supply when you are pregnant. Lack of funds or worries about money can often impact. You may well want your child’s nursery to look amazing but budget constraints may feel limiting.

So how can you keep costs down but still have a stunning first room your new arrival?


woodland stickrs


Nursery wall stickers

Nursery wall stickers are a complete game-changer when it comes to decorating a nursery.

First of all the choice of nursery wall stickers available is tremendous and you really can browse until you find something you love.

Secondly putting up a wall sticker onto a plain wall is speedy and easy and if you change your mind 6 months down the line and want to update the look that too will be speedy and easy. This is a key element of interior design when you have a baby. You don’t want paint fumes or days of labour impacting you or your child.

Lastly ( but important to your baby budgeters) nursery wall stickers are an inexpensive way to transform a room and you will be amazed at what you can get for your money.


nursery wall stickers

all  featured stickers are from,uk


Decorating a child’s nursery with nursery wall stickers brings it to life in a budget-friendly, low effort way which is perfect for this busy and expensive time in your life.

Whilst you are browsing for nursery wall stickers do take a look at complimentary vinyl rugs too as thee make a brilliant addition to a nursery. They are wipeable, attractive and low cost and ideal for a baby’s room.

Happy decorating!



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