How to Make Homemade Bubbles – Simple and Fun Ideas


Have you wondered how to make homemade bubbles and homemade bubble blowers? It’s simple when you know-how and such a great way for kids to learn as they play


How to make homemade bubbles

How to make homemade bubbles

Mix up a batch of homemade bubble soap and then gather some supplies around the house to fashion an assortment of bubble wands that can create some spectacular effects. Bubbles are a great way to entertain kids of all ages (including adults) at neighbourhood block parties, birthday parties, school fairs, and family reunions. Pair a bubble blowing station with homemade carnival games, bicycle challenges, and water balloon games for a full day of fun.


How to Make Homemade Bubbles Blowing Soap Mixture

Mix equal amounts of liquid dishwashing liquid with water. If it’s available, add in several drops of glycerin, found in the skincare section of the pharmacy. Experiment with the recipe for bubble blowing soap because the outdoor temperature can affect how long the bubbles will stay together, so each time the mixture may need to be changed.


Tiny Bubbles Blower for homemade bubbles

Cut several straight drinking straws in half. Clump the straws into a single bundle and wrap masking tape around the straws tightly enough to hold them together without crushing the outer straws or allowing the center straws to slide out. Dip one end of the straws into the bubble mix and blow through the other end of the straws to create a multitude of tiny bubbles.


Super Bubble Fun with homemade bubbles

Carefully cut the rim from a plastic container (like a margarine tub). Dip the smooth rim into the soap mix. Pull from the mixture. A thin film of soap should stretch across the shape. Blow gently through the hole or slowly pull the rim toward you while walking backward. Bigger bubbles are likelier to burst if too much air is blown at or through the soap film.


Giant Bubble Making Frame

Take two straight drinking straws and a piece of string. (Start with a string that’s the four times the length of one straw. When that works, experiment with longer string.) Thread the string through the two straws and knot the ends of the string together. Grasp a straw in each hand and pull them apart until the straws and the string make a square. Slide the knot into the straw.

Next, look for a shallow tray large enough to set the entire square shape of the frame. (Old cookie sheets can work, ask.) Pour some of the bubble mixtures into the tray. Dip the bubble frame into the soap by holding the straws. Keep the shape taut. When a soap film forms within the frame, slowly step back, pulling the shape toward you. A large, long bubble can form that will snap from the frame and float on its own.

Once kids learn to make their own bubble-making machines using the above directions, they can experiment on their own, using other materials they can recycle around the house. Bubble blowing is messy, so find a spot outside to set up trays of bubble mixture and an assortment of bubble wands and frames to experiment with.


Knowing how to make homemade bubbles is loads of fun! Do give it a go


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