20 handmade Christmas Ornaments to hang on your tree

Today – 20 handmade Christmas Ornaments

20 handmade Christmas Ornaments

Store-bought ornaments

Buying ornaments for your Christmas tree can start to add up. I have seen packs of just plain bulb ornaments costing lots and individual ones – wow you can easily spend £10! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a full tree of ornaments! There are plenty of easy and affordable handmade Christmas ornaments you can make that will look amazing on your tree! Many of these items use up supplies you may already have on hand, or they can be bought at the store for dirt cheap.

These ornaments are so easy to make, but they are just as beautiful as the storebought one – and let’s be honest here, a lot more special because they are infused with your love, time and effort. And it is the experience of Christmas that makes it so special not just the shopping for it. Do take a look at my best ever Christmas budgeting tip to find out more about this – you might also like my post on how to have a thrifty Christmas

Christmas crafting fun

Here are 20 handmade Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree. And I have to say – isnt Christmas crafting just one of the best things about Christmas. How wonderful to get your kids involved too. and how fabulous to be able to hand to use these again and again through the years recalling all the fun you had making them

20 handmade Christmas Ornaments – to take your pick from!

  1. Fabric Christmas Ornament
  2. Handprint Snowman Ornament
  3. Salt Dough Puppy Ornament
  4. One Minute Christmas Ornament
  5. DIY Minion Ornament
  6. Ice Skate Ornaments
  7. Silhouette Ornament
  8. Baby Llama Ornament
  9. Paper Plate Ornament
  10. Jolly Rancher Ornament
  11. Lego Christmas Ornament
  12. Beaded Christmas Ornaments
  13. Clay Christmas Ornaments
  14. Unicorn Ornaments
  15. CD Christmas Ornament
  16. Wood Slice Ornaments
  17. Santa Hat Ornament
  18. Glitter Dot Christmas Ornament
  19. Popsicle Stick Reindeer Ornaments
  20. Wooden Sled Ornament

I do hope you find this post on 20 handmade Christmas Ornaments to be useful. If you give any of them ag go please do pop me a comment below and tell me which one and how you get on with it. my aim is to try and give them all a go this year!

Happy thrifty Christmas prep everyone. Ooh and if it starting to stress you al out already you might like to have a look at my post on how to prepare for a stress-free Christmas. You might also like my post on n how to make magic reindeer dust



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