15 Thrifty Christmas Tips

Today – 15 thrifty Christmas tips


Thrifty Christmas tips to make all the difference


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Christmas can be such an expensive time for people and I think we all worry about cost. Here are my top twenty thrifty tips for Christmas. Do hope they prove helpful.

Thrifty Christmas Food

If you get an invite somewhere for Christmas dinner grab it quick! It will save you time, effort and (a lot of) money. Just be sure to do the washing up!

Remember no ones tummy is bigger just because it’s Christmas. Don’t buy or cook too much food it’s just going to get thrown away and if we overeat we feel sluggish and grumpy. It really isn’t worth it.

Do your main food shop on line. Shops purposefully make Christmas food displays look tempting and fabulous. Be strong, stay focussed on your list and avoid temptation


Thrifty Christmas Pressies

Consider shopping to a list so you keep track of what you have bought and keep focussed.

Shop throughout the year as and when you see things on offer (but remember kids grow and interests change!)
Invest in toys/gifts that will last so they give value all year and so you really get your money’s worth Lego and crafts sets are good examples of this

Do not go overboard.. kids remember what Christmas felt like rather than all they had (being worried about how much you have spent will only make you stressed)

Homemade gifts can be so meaningful. For example many grandparents already have a houseful of stuff but a little photo album of their grandchildren would go down a treat. Really think about what someone may want most, it may not cost much at all

Keep an eye out for offers and discount voucher codes ..it is amazing what savings you can make with just a little online effort. (PaidShop.com is an excellent example of this and really will help you keep alert to the best deals)

It is well worth exploring cashback sites,…if you are shopping anyway you may as well get paid to do it!


Frugal Christmas Decorating

Paper chains made by the kids, pompoms and homemade ginger bread hung form the tree,gifts wrapped in children s drawings and bowls of silver sprayed pine cones will look perfect and be so much fun to make.

An artificial tree used year after year out will save you a fortune in the long run. Invest in one you love and scent the air with candles for that pine fragrance.


Christmas on a budget  Entertaining

If you have people over invite them to bring a course e.g pudding or some after dinner mints if they offer to assist don’t feel you have to say ‘no thanks it’s fine’..people do like to contribute

Do consider visiting a local pantomime rather than a big theatre one. Your kids will still get a great giggle and you will save a fortune.

Nativities and carol concert, winter walks followed by hot chocs, epic board games and visits to friends are all free and fabulous ways to enjoy Christmas; cost doesn’t have to come into it.


Thirfty Christmas Traditions

Traditions make Christmas special far more than gifts so in my house we read the Night before Christmas and sprinkle glitter to light the way for Rudolph, we light a Christmas candle and we remember our loved ones, we go for a walk on Christmas Eve and look at the lights in the houses. None of these thing cost money but they do MAKE our Christmas


Well I do hope these thrifty Christmas tips have helped!


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Wishing you a wonderfully thrifty Christmas!





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