An exclusive interview with Billie Faiers about her new My Babiie pushchair range

billie faiers strollers

Hi Billie…..Can you tell us a bit about about your baby?

I absolutely adore Nelly, she’s a really cute babe with a great temperament she doesn’t cry a lot. But I feel that it’s all down to the routine that Greg and I have.

Are you loving being a mum? …whats the best thing? Whats the toughest thing?

I love that I have a little daughter, I love seeing her grow everyday and it’s brought Greg and I closer. I love having a family and I can’t wait to expand it. The toughest thing is working and being away from her but I do try and spend every spare minute with her.

I am loving your Billie Faiers strollers range,  what was your thinking behind it?

I wanted to create something that Nelly and I would love using. It’s pretty, affordable and I love the design as I would use it myself.

I expected something a bit more Essex and bling but it is much more classic…why did you go down this route?

My Signature Range is classic in it’s design and colours., I wanted to do that as I wanted it to look more expensive than it is.

What is the best thing about your range?
I love the cream pushchair as it’s soft and cosy for Nelly!

What’s your best money saving tip for mums?

I would recommend having a plan when it comes to buying things for your child. It can be easy to be a lot of clothes for your newborn and discover that he/she will grow out of them! Buying a pushchair that’s not that expensive like those in my range is a great recommendation because they still look great and it saves you money to treat your little one!

Billie Faiers will be doing a meet and greet for her fans at Mothercare Oxford Street, London on the 28th of November at 3:45pm. To browse the range visit,


Thank you Billie and congratulations on a lovely range.


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