How to Find a Great Beauty Salon

Today – how to find a great beauty salon


It isn’t always easy to find time for yourself when you are a parent. I thought this when my two were babies and I thought it was because they were babies.

Well they are MUCH older now and to be honest they probably consume most of my time these days too and I still struggle to find time for myself. I spend my weekends driving to parties, ballet and football, hosting sleepovers, having family days out and in the week I work and do seemingly endless school runs.

I have learned over the years that is crucial to look after myself or it all gets too much. Time out and a bit of self care keep me feeling on top of things, help me feel calm and focused and enable me to keep (most of) my patience and organization in check.


My pampering time out treatment of choice is to get my nails done. There are several reasons for this. One is it is quite a speedy process and secondly, the pleasure of it lasts quite a while rather than just a day. I see it as value for money pampering!

For me finding a friendly, professional salon makes the world of difference to my pampering experience and I do advise trying a few to find one that is right for you.


how to find a great beauty salon

If you live in Manchester Manchester, Rock Pamper Scissors is definitely the website to use.  You can see at a glance a whole host of local hair and beauty salons in Manchester, where they are and what they offer and even check out some photos too. So useful. You have to find a salon that is just right for you.

When it comes to finding a beauty salon it is well worth taking a good l00k around and making sure you get good value. good location and good service.

You are worth it.


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