An Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide

Today – An Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide

An Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide

An Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide

It is so important to think about our impact when it comes to gift-giving and gift-getting this festive season. More and more we are thinking about our environment and wanting to reduce our impact upon it.  As a family, we want to consciously buy gifts that are either have a positive impact in the environment can easily be reculed, or are carbon neutral.  We want to encourage our friends and family to reduce waste and to be more earth-conscious too.

Here are some of the things we have tried recently that will definitely make our eco-friendly Christmas gift guide shopping list


Zerowater filtration jug

We were recently sent a sample of the ZeroWater Filtration Jug

Oh my goodness it is absolutely fantastic I have to tell you. This 7 cup jug fits neatly in the side of your fridge and the water is super clean! No one will be tempted to buy bottled water again once they have tried this cold clean water – it is honestly superb! This is no ordinary water jug. Listen to what it does.

It’s first layer of filtration removes the chlorine taste you are accustom to with tap water.

Then the  Ion Exchange stage removes virtually all dissolved solids that may be leftover from public water systems or even leached into your water from piping such as Aluminum, Lead, Zinc, Nitrate and more.

Three additional stages are included to remove other contaminants and to ensure your water receives the appropriate amount of treatment time to deliver a “000” reading on your water quality meter.

It is the only water jug in its class to do this and what’s best of all – not a plastic bottle needs to be bought for you to get that uber freshwater taste. You really can taste the difference.

Wouldnt this make a great gift for foodies or health-conscious friends? The perfect addition to an eco-friendly Christmas gift guide




I hope this Earth Conscious Christmas Gift Guide has inspired you.  I always think books make lovely gifts too – so easy to pass on and to share – do take a look at my non-fiction Christmas gift guide too


ION8 Water Bottle for An Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide

In keeping with our ‘let’s do away with single-use plastic’ mission we also recently received a sample of the new  ION8 Beauty Leakproof Water Bottle,  This is by far the prettiest water bottle I have ever used and it is really good quality too. It may sound silly but the more attractive my waterbottles the much more likely I am to use them.  I also love that you can open these bottle with one hand and that they are small enough to fit into a bg and is 100% leakproof. The more convenient they are again the more likely they are to be used.  I love the frosted lemon colour and it also comes in seafoam, rose and frosted mint.

Beautiful waterbottles indeed! A gorgeous addition to An Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide




An Ion8 Vaccum flask

I was also sent this great Ion8 Leak Proof Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Flask in rose.

I am thinking about how perfect a flask would be for coffee lovers who wish to reduce both the expense of buying coffee when out and who wish to use less disposable cups. A flask may sound old fashioned but really there is nothing old fashioned about this cool flask!  It is 100% leakproof and BPA free. It has ThermoShield which protects temperature for hours. It alsop has FlavourShield is odour resistant and protects original flavours and freshness. Easy to clean (handwash only) and it has a textured easy grip middle.

A flask to be proud of – and a lovely gift idea.

An Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide needs Bamboo toothbrushes

I do think these bamboo toothbrushes would make super cute secret Santa gifts Aren’t the colours would also make a sweet gift for a family.  The bamboo toothbrushes use 93% less plastic than the average toothbrush and everything apart from the head brush hair is natural. Around  200 million plastic toothbrushes are sent to landfill every year. These can take more than 100 years to compost – bamboo takes only 4. It makes sense to switch, doesn’t it?

An Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide

A Book for An Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide


Last but not least in this Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide can I recommend  Be Happy Be You? This is a book for teens that contains lots of great ways they take care of their own emotional wellbeing and also a lot of ways they can help the environment too. A great book to keep them entertained and engaged for hours and written by – me!  It encourages less consumption, conscious shopping and earthing to name but a few earth-conscious ideas.


be happy be you

Homemade /Handmade

I always think there is something so absolutely lovely about giving a homemade gift. Why not try mouse DIY – there are some cute ideas here that and would make lovely heartfelt Christmas gifts that would be so much fun  for your child to make and mostly just uses stuff from around your home. Or perhaps you could gift someone a homemade bird feeder. That would bring them so much joy as the birds flock into the garden


And what about Christmas Whisky Gifts I bet these would go down an absolute storm. A lovely way to keep warm over winter and such a a treat and of course the bottles are recyclable!


So there you go  – an Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide – what would you add to this?


Some of the items in this Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide have affiliate links and some were gifted for purposes of review – all opinions are my own.


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