Plan ahead for a stress free Christmas

Today – plan ahead for a stress free Christmas

Are you looking to have a stress free Christmas?

With the summer holidays only just over, it surely can’t be time to think about Christmas yet? The truth is, it creeps up on us faster than you would think possible, and soon the shops will be going into overdrive.

Some people might find it irritating to see the blatant commercialisation starting so soon, but from a household perspective, it makes good sense and can save you some money if you plan well in advance. It also means there is far less likelihood of something going horribly wrong at the eleventh hour.


Plan ahead for a stress free Christmas with these simple tips

Here are some Christmas preparations that are impossible to make too early.


Plan ahead for a stress-free Christmas


Get your advent calendars early

I had all the stress last year when I could not get my hands on a decent vegan advent calendar for my daughter because I had left it too late – there are so many great advent calendars out there  but do get yours early! Love this list of advent calendars for teens


Check the heating system

Even the least superstitious person can’t help thinking sometimes that domestic boilers are appliances that sit quietly in the utility room plotting against us. Why else is it that if they break down, they do so either on the coldest day of the year, when we are snowed in, or on Christmas Eve when it will cost an arm and a leg to get an emergency engineer out?

Of course, half the problem is that they stand unused for several months every year and are then pressed into constant action. Pre-empt any problems by getting yours serviced now. While you are at it, log on to a site such as and make sure your oil tank is full to the brim, too. Prices will soon start to rise and the delivery companies will get busy. Can you imagine getting to Christmas day and suddenly realising you are out of oil? It doesn’t bear thinking about.


Do the gift shopping

Here’s a secret piece of information. The shopping centres are actually really magical places to be in the weeks leading up to Christmas. But only if you’ve got all your shopping done already. Do as much as possible now, and then take time to stroll the high street and the malls, soaking up the atmosphere that you would otherwise barely have time to even notice.

Oh, and it’s not really evil of you to feel smug as you sit drinking your gingerbread latte and watch the rest of the world looking completely stressed out as they dash from shop to shop, laden with bags!

Handmade is the new rock and roll

We spoke of the shameless commercialisation that is seen from some of the big retailers earlier. The truth is, many people are getting wise to the fact that it really is the thought that counts, and are shunning the big ticket gifts in favour of something a little more personal.

Handmade craft gifts are exactly that – you can be sure to give something that is unique, and will have far more meaning than that overpriced gift set from one of the high street stores. The only downside is that it demands a little more time. Get onto it right now, and you will have a fantastic array of gifts lined up – and you will have saved some money, too! You might like to have a look at creating some of my handmade Christmas ornaments too?


How to plan ahead for a stress free Christmas


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