Transcription services – the future of universities and businesses

Many universities and businesses are now thinking about ways to lessen their work regarding the transcription of specific documents. There are companies that offer transcription services for affordable prices that can really change the way universities and businesses may work in the near future. Imagine a world where files could easily be divided into sections and transcribed after high standards, with no mistakes and no lost time. Plus, think about all the saved resources and benefits a university would obtain if people wouldn’t need to proofread transcribed texts anymore to make sure everything is alright. Here are some more features you might want to know about this matter:


Transcription services - the future of universities and businesses

When it comes to any kind of services, the first thing that will matter is how much will it cost. Many people will actually prefer to do a task by their own instead of paying for it just because it is too expensive and there would be no profit gained from its use. Transcription services usually build their prices considering more criteria. The recording length you want to be transcribed into words, the text format outcome, time-stamping options, a turnaround time, the number of active speakers in a recording, the requirement of captions and of course, the language are factors that contribute to the final price of this service. For instance, a fifty-minute recording with more than three speakers and 2-minute timestamps will cost around 55 euros. But there is more to that – most transcription companies offer free trials, loyalty programmes or discounts for students and universities.


Most transcription companies also offer subtitling services. This would be amazingly beneficial for businesses that focus a lot of their attention and resources into video processing. Everyone knows how tiring and complicated syncing subtitles with audio and video is, and no one actually has the necessary patience to do it on their own, especially when it is about batch processing. What is the main benefit of adding multi-language subtitles to a promotion video for instance? Well, the more people understanding what you have to offer means more leads and an increasing number of clients. Captioning with multiple speakers that have strong accents for the language you want to add to a video will mean customers will start seeing how professionally handled your business is. It is all part of the whole marketing strategy and isn’t something you could easily do yourself.


Before choosing a company to take care of your transcription requirements, you should start going through each of the available feedback posted on their website and not only. The most trustful opinion is that of the people who already tried the services you are planning to try yourself. Besides that, you will have to make sure that what you want to transcript is in conformity with the requirements of the company’s services you’d like to use. After you have calculated everything, you are ready to start making your job much easier than before


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