Your Guide to Planning the Ultimate Babymoon

Today – Planning the Ultimate Babymoon

Babymoon is the term used for a trip that expectant parents take before the birth of their child. Before you prepare for your journey make sure that you communicate with your doctor or midwife to find out any advice that he or she may have. Once you have the go ahead from the doctor you are free to make the plans that you want.

If you are planning on flying, check with your airline first to see if they have any restrictions for pregnant woman before booking so that you do not run into any complications at the airport. Make sure that you have the correct travel insurance. Many companies consider pregnancy a pre existing condition and will not cover you. Do the research beforehand and make sure that you have sufficient coverage. This will save you any expensive bills if anything goes wrong.

Planning the Ultimate Babymoon


Planning the Ultimate Babymoon


Find the Perfect Accommodation

Finding the perfect accommodation is an important part of planning your trip. There are many adult-only resorts, hotels, and cabins that will allow you a quiet and peaceful vacation. This trip is about relaxing before becoming parents and you will have plenty of time to deal with screaming children in a few months!

Try to find a place that has a pool as swimming is great for expectant mothers and lounging by the pool is a great way to relax. Find a hotel that is close to medical facilities or has an in-house doctor that is available 24 X 7 in case something unexpected comes up. Mention that you are celebrating a babymoon when you are booking the room and you may get a free upgrade or a basket in your room upon arrival.


What to Pre-book

If you are interested in having any spa treatments make sure to pre-book in advance so that you can advise them that you are pregnant. Many spas will have restrictions for services available to pregnant women or they may not use certain products that could be harmful to the baby.


Arrange Transport

If you are not taking your own car on your babymoon it is a good idea to rent a car so that if you start to feel unwell you can be free to change your plans as necessary. It also means you are guaranteed a seat, which isn’t always the case on busy public transport. Be sure to take the correct documents with you for when your licence needs checking.

You will have the flexibility to stop and get out and stretch whenever you want, as sitting for long periods of time can be difficult or uncomfortable for expectant mothers. It also allows you to stop for bathroom breaks whenever you need to.

Feel free to ask questions throughout the procedure if something makes you uncomfortable. If you feel anxious about anything that is being done at any time just politely ask them to stop or not use that product.


Carry Plenty of Snacks With You

Make sure that you carry your own snacks. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere or surrounded by strange smelling food that makes you nauseous when you get hungry. Pack your favourite crackers and carry a bottle of water so that you can eat any time that you need to.


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