What would your childhood toys be worth today?

Today – What would your childhood toys be worth today?

My mind is VERY much on toys at the moment, is yours?

They can be so expensive can’t they and so quickly outgrown. Sometimes we pass outgrown toys on and sometimes we put them on ebay. I do sometimes wonder however if we shouldn’t be boxing them back up and keeping them. I have a friend who keeps every box and set of instructions and keeps her sons outgrown toys perfectly stored for the future. She may be on to something!

I have only one toy, my doll, left from my childhood and she is not in the best of conditions and has twice been to the dolly hospital. She’s not going to make me any money! But if you have kept your toys from your childhood and they are in good condition they really could be worth a bit.

Co-op have launched a new tool which lets you discover how much your childhood toys would be worth today if kept in mint condition.

You can have a go with tool here

It’s simple to use…all you have to do is select which decade you grew up in and then select which toys you owned to see the final price.

Oh my goodness me……if I had kept my space hopper in mint condition it would now be worth £150..gulp.

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In fact I just worked out my whole Toy Collection would be worth £463.99!

What would your childhood toys be worth today?


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  1. December 19, 2015 / 11:56 am

    Interesting. Trying to recall what toys i played with mainly dolls which arent on the list which is a good job as i never saved anything. I wonder what will be of worth from my sons toys when hes older.
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