5 Tricks To Save Money On Kids’ Toys

Save Money On Kids’ Toys


Want to make birthdays and Christmas less expensive? When treating your kids to the toys they want, you shouldn’t have to resort to a loan. Here are just several ways to bring down the cost of kids’ toys.


Hit the sales

You can get huge discounts by shopping during sale season. Black Friday and the January Sales are arguably the best times to find discounts, however individual retailers will have separate sales throughout the year. Try to plan ahead so that you can take advantage of these discounts – if you’ve got one of your kids’ birthdays in April, start shopping early so that you can take advantage of the January sales.


Make use of voucher discounts

Using coupons and vouchers can also save you money. There are sites online where you can get Disney Store voucher codes and other coupons to help save you money. These can be printed off and used in store, or used electronically. It’s worth also joining mailing lists for toy retailers as well as checking out magazines and catalogues as you can often find vouchers in these places too.


Shop second hand

You don’t have to buy brand new in order to get good-quality toys that are current. By trawling sites like Gumtree, you may be able to find toys that are barely used being sold by other parents cheaply. You can also try looking out for car boot sales and yard sales where you may find toys being sold at a bargain. If you’re buying online, it’s worth always asking questions to the seller and checking the condition of the toy in person before buying (this may not be possible with delivery sites like eBay and Amazon, in which case make sure enough photos are supplied).


Joint buy gifts

When it comes to big toys, consider getting other people to chip in to help reduce the personal cost. Uncles, aunts and grandparents may be struggling to think of a gift idea and letting them pay some money towards a joint gift could benefit them as well as yourself. There may also be gifts that can be shared amongst multiple children – you don’t need to get two of the same games console for two siblings.


Rent toys

Believe it or not, but you can actually rent out toys. The likes of Sparkbox Toys allow you to pay a monthly fee in exchange for being able to rent new toys each month. This can be ideal for kids that are constantly buying new toys and swiftly growing bored of them. There are of course some disadvantages to renting toys – if a toy gets damaged or lost, you’re likely to have to pay for it. You may be able to keep certain toys that your kids don’t want to part with, but this could involve paying more than the full price you’d usually pay to buy these brand new.


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