Find The Balance Between Being Yourself And Being Mom

Becoming a mom, might be one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do. Your entire identity gets altered within a few moments. Suddenly everything is about the baby and the life before giving birth becomes an unreachable world. Even though it might feel impossible to take care of anything else besides your tiny dictator, it is of utmost importance to really take care of yourself during this time.

If you find it overwhelming to suddenly take care of your newborn’s and your own health,  remember that you’re not alone. Click here for more info and advice from licensed medical researchers, healthcare professionals and dieticians about diet, weight loss, emotional health as well as general health.


Balance Between Being Yourself And Being Mom


Here’s a few tips on being a great mom, without losing your own unique identity:

Accept That Motherhood Has Changed You

You need to accept that you are now a different person than you were before the baby. Your schedule, priorities, emotions and body are altered forever (although –  why not accept the challenge and get your pre-baby body back by following these steps). Know that it is going to take a while before you get to know the new you and get used to the new lifestyle that comes with motherhood.


Instead of being sad about no longer being the person you used to be, rather celebrate this new beginning. Motherhood can be a tremendous transformative experience, turning yourself into someone that your child can look up to. While you’ve got the chance you might as well change for the good.

Stop The Guilt

Remember that there’s a big difference between loving you child and loving the lifestyle that goes with being a parent. And it’s okay not to love the lifestyle. Many parents still desire parts of their pre-baby lives and this might create some serious guilt. Only if you stop judging yourself for feeling this way, will you be able to move forward and spend time with your baby without feeling resentful. You owe it to your baby to love them without the guilt and resentment.

Change Naptime To Me-Time

There is no better time to invest in yourself than while your baby is sleeping. Once you figure out when and for how long your baby sleeps, you can build a little routine around your needs. You might want to read a magazine, have some friends over for a chat or just sit and relax while watching your favourite television show.

Spend Time With Grown-Ups

Make sure to spend enough time with grown-ups. Not only will this help to not make you feel less isolated and lonely as a new parent, but it will keep you sane. Also make sure to have conversations with your partner that doesn’t involve the baby. If you feel that you really have nothing else to talk about than this life changing event, try getting hold of some new, interesting reading material or listening to a thought- provoking podcast together.

Continue Doing What You Love

Pursuing a passion or hobby at this time, might seem insane, I know, but hear me out. If you start to do the things that you loved pre-baby, the transition to finding the new you post-baby might happen a bit more smoothly. On top of that – having some kind of outlet that you really enjoy –  might actually make you a better mother and person in general.  You’ll feel happier and have a bigger sense of purpose.

Don’t Neglect Yourself

Take a long foam bath with only a few lighted candles in the room, put on a bit of makeup, dress up nicely, eat healthy meals and do the exercise you love. If you feel good about yourself you’ll soon feel that you are worthy and also deserving of care. Think about what air hostesses all across the world often remind us of –  in case of emergency – first help yourself to the oxygen mask before you try to assist others. If you’re not getting any oxygen yourself, or not sufficiently looking after yourself, you might die before being able to help others around you.


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