How to save money on petrol

Today – How to save money on petrol  – my top tips for using less petrol and paying less at the pump we all need to know how to save money on fuel

how to save money on petrol, how to save money on fuel

How to save money on petrol



Leaving the car at home

For those looking at how to save money on petrol oer howo tosave money on fuel  I would usually advise that where possible and practicable you should leave your car at home. This may sound really obvious but it is absolutely amazing how many people use their car for just the shortest of journey. Leaving our cars at home abd walking is a great way to save money on petrol and wear and tear on our cards generally.

Of course all the free fitness and healthy fresh air we get form walking are added bonuses,  as well as the weight loss that can come form walking. as well as all the environmental benefits which cannot be overstated. The pressure of cars on our environment is immense

Car pollution is one of the major causes of global warming. Cars and trucks emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, which contribute one-fifth of the United States’ total global warming pollution. Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere, which causes worldwide temperatures to rise.  Source

How about not owning a car at all in order to save money on fuel

Over at debt round up there is a great post on the benefits of not owning a car and I love the one about it reduces stress. It absolutely does…driving is stressful isn’t it …so by not driving NOT only are you reducing costs you are also reducing your stres levels. I think that is pretty important. Debt round up also discusses how much more work they get done by not driving and taking the train instead. Car driving cvan be a waste of you time that as a passenger you can actually use effectively. This ais a great post actuially do pop and have a read.


Sometimes though we do need our cars

The reality remains though for some of us having to use our car is a necessity and petrol costs are a big expense that we have to meet. We need to learn how to save money on petrol and keep our costs down as much as we can ( though using our car less is totally a good option!)


How to save money on petrol

Make sure you do the following things if you are looking to save money on petrol ….

Find out the cheapest petrol pump round your way. Just typing your postcode in to and signing up for free alerts saves you on average £2 per fill up. Now that is definitely well worth checking out. So often saving money is just about a little effort and this si sucha smart and easy option to get int he habit of using,

Empty your boot. This is really important as the extra weight can cost you more in petrol too. What is in your boot. Mine is totally full of charity shop bags just waiting to be dropped off – so really it would benefit both them and me financially if I just went right ahead and dropped thos ebags off.

Use the right gear – this really does help so much with petrol usuage ( or just get an automatic – much easier all round!)

Drive a little slower – always a safer option anyway and nothing is worth dribging too fast!!!

Avoid starting /stopping a lot by planning ahead where you are going and the smoothest route ( an avoiding possible long traffic jams)

Switch off the air conditioning

Remove the roof rack – i know this takes effort but the more practice you have at it the quicker you will get!

Close the windows

Shift excess weigh – and no t I don’r mean you personally! I mean take out anything you dont need e.g that spare car seat you arent using , may be the mammoth tool kit you store in your boot. Just carrtin necessities realy lightens the load.


The don’ts of how to save money on petrol

But make sure you don’t:

Fill your boot with rubbish and juts leave it there ( so easily done I know!)

Tailgate other cars,stopping and strting when they do and haveing to pull heavily on to your breaks

Coast with the engine turned off,this just uses up petrol so quickly,

Or over-inflate your tyres – this isn’t safe either.  You can research exactly what inflation your tyres need online or in your drivers manual. It is important to keep an  eye on thism

How to save money on petrol, how to save money on fuel



Do you have tips on how to save money on petrol or how to save money on fuel?

So now you know how to save money on petrol when out and about. It does not take much effort really and mainly it is about developing really good habits. If you have your own tips do leave us a comment below. Every little helps after all and I am a big beliver in us all sharing our thrifty wisdom and building a brilliant money saving community. Sharing is caring eafter all!


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