Are you a beanie or a bobble?

I do know this is rather a bizarre blog title..I mean really – beanie or a bobble? whats all that about then?

Matalan have launched The Beanie vs. Bobble campaign and are selling these fabulous hats in order to to support Alder Hey Children’s charity. Alder Hey  are dedicated to giving children the best possible hospital experience as well as innovation and new medical research.

Take a little look at the gorgeous hats….


100% off the profits from these hats goes to the Alder Hey charity and we think it’s a really amazing cause. The hats make a great gift for kids (and adults) and they’ll want to pick a side just like their favourite celebs.

grey hat

They are also really cute hats which you can buy from here!

So what am I?




Except I am totally in love with the yellow pom pom ofn the grey hat so erm maybe I am a bobble not a beanie..but baenies are more cool. agggh I cannot decide – basically I am not sure what I am. What I most certainly am though is completely in love with these super cute hats form matalan

Can you be more decisive than me? beanie or bobble



What are you?


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