How to add value to your garden

Today – how to add value to your garden

How to add value to your garden

How to add value to your garden

Have you ever wondered how to add value to your garden?

When it comes to your home, your garden can be either a flourishing centre-piece and the envy of the neighbourhood, or the resting place for your BBQ, deck chairs and kids play set; it’s OK, we’ve all been there. But did you know, that if you were to ever think about selling your home, redesigning your garden is actually the second biggest added value project only after a conservatory.

With this in mind, here is a list of things you can do to add value to your garden from the outdoor living experts; YourGazebo.


Less is sometimes more

Your garden space has become a premium, especially in large cities like London, Manchester and Edinburgh, this means you want to think of how you currently use your garden and how you want it be seen through the eyes of a potential buyer.

For family homes, the worst thing you can do is reduce the grassy areas; children need to play somewhere after all. For older buyers, there will be more time spent on actually maintaining the garden, so think about decorating the garden with flower beds, trees and areas that need tending to. Be warned though, don’t overdo it, let the potential buyer decide on how many plants they want, so don’t over stock the areas too much!

If you are in a city, or the suburban areas of a city, you are more likely to attract young professionals who are time restricted and want as low maintenance as possible, in many cases. So think about artificial grass and layout as a premium.
To achieve a lot of fashionable looks, especially in the interest of selling your home, think about landscaping and ground architecture to give you the desired look and feel to your home garden.

To landscape or not to landscape

Landscape gardening requires time, patience and someone who really knows what they are doing, therefore hiring a landscape gardener is essential if you are thinking of investing a lot of time and money into a garden project.

By understanding space and trends, they can incorporate ideas and features into a variety of plots and style your garden to your tastes and to the look you want to achieve.

Be warned though, it doesn’t come cheap. An initial consultation and plan can be around £400 whilst the value of the project can go into the ££££’s especially if you are designing with many features in mind like water and rocks to be centrepieces.

If you want to get a true understanding of how much value you could add, why not take the plan and the ideas to an estate agent who already understands your home and area and get them to give you an estimated after work, sale value.


Large scale projects

Large scale projects involving a complete re-designing and development of your garden. Whether this be the addition of a summer house, orangery or even gazebo, these take time and money.
A summerhouse for example can be as much as £3000, but the added value to your home won’t be after a few years where you will have recuperated your costs. But as with most renovations, the key is to not go over the top.

Swimming pools give very little added value back in terms of money, but in terms of sale appeal, many will be concerned with heating and maintenance whilst families will be worried around safety. So if a pool is your thing, think about your long term home rather a turnaround project.

And finally, any large scale project needs the space to be fully appreciated for what it can be. Consider your total space and what you could be improving or missing out on if you went ahead with one of these projects.

So now you know how to add value to your garden!


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