How to stop moaning about money

How to stop moaning about money

How to stop moaning about money – simple tips

Do you wonder how to stop moaning about money – it never helps does it?

I managed Christmas on quite a controlled budget. Didn’t spend much but bought really thought out gifts. I made cookies and ginger biscuits for a few friends, kept meal costs low and took advantage of free local activities. I thought I was doing great. A good start to 2012.

Today my kids went off to school and I looked around with fresh eyes and tried to get back on top of my housekeeping. I realised a few unpleasant things.

I have a  washing machine repair required that I can no longer put off, a dishwasher that died, a hoover that is groaning and moaning and my daughters stupid chest of drawers that collapsed on me for about the 20th time today. Agghhh!

Realising all this after the rosy glow of Christmas and not overspending has made me feel quite glum (blimey I haven’t used that word in years.).But being glum never got the baby a new bonnet as my mum used to say. I needed to sort myself out.

I wrote myself some questions that I find really helpful when it comes to money.

Here’s what I wrote:


Q. What can I do without?

A. The dishwasher. People have washed up by hand for ever. I need to stop being so spoilt. Not having it will free up storage space in the kitchen and on reflection I did used to moan about emptying and filling it all the time.


Q. Do I have to buy a new item?

A. Well in regard to my vaccum cleaner I could try getting it serviced instead. It will be a lot cheaper than replacing and it is only 3 years old.

A.When it comes to my daughter chest of drawers I do need to replace it but rather than looking at the sales and the shops I should take a trip round a few of the second hand furniture stores and bigger charity shops to see what I can find.

Q |Where can I get cheap but great repairs?

A Oh if only I knew the answer to this one I’d sell it on ebay and be rich! . I think in order to get good repair work I need to ask around my friends for local recommendations and then call a few leads get some free, no obligation quotes. If you leave something that is broken to linger it’ll probably end up totally broken so I do need to get on this and bear the expense.

How to stop moaning about money

 Photo credit: Troykelly

So my financial doldrums don’t have to be as bad as my first thoughts about them. Asking myself the right questions and making a plan of action really does help. Scrabbling down the sofa and taking back that unwanted jumper may also be of use!

Good questions really can help you learn how to stop moaning about money.


I hope you haevfound this post on how to stop moaning about money useful if you are looking for more advice my anti shopping list might help!

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  1. laura seaton
    January 7, 2012 / 8:52 pm

    try Freecycle for the chest of drawers people in my area are always offering them

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