A Sack of Suprises and Scooby Doo

We got sent a lovely sack this Christmas time tied in festive ribbon with a jingly bell. The kids were VERY excited. Take a look at my  (really badly made- new phone sorry!) homemovie  of them opening it!!

As you can see the kids received a whole host of excellent Dvd’s form Warner Brothers.  How wonderful. perfect for cold days, school holidays and so much cheaper in the long run than going to the cinema. The first DVD set they took out the sack was the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine DVD Collection.

scooby doo dvd collection

How cool is that . My kids absolutely adored it. Scooby Doo is their favourite cartoon ever and at ages 4 and 7 it’s one of the only cartoons they both love . Fabulous (have to say I was a bit taken aback that Fred and daphne are now dating!!)

Other Dvd’s incluuded The Grinch who Stole Christmas by the amazing Dr. Seuss

How The Grinch Stole Christmas [DVD]


They also received Happy Feet which despite having seen this (at school??) ? they were really keen to watch again. So was I what a fab story.


They also received The Polar Express which we watched on Christmas Eve. This was wondeful, exciting, thoughtful and really touching. The kids loved the thrills and spills of it. A perfect Christmas movie.

The Polar Express [2005] [DVD] [2004]

Other DVD’s in our sack yet to be watched included Yogi Bear (2011) and Yogi Bear’s first Christmas

We also recieved Bugs Bunny Loony Tunes Christmas Tales which was as silly and fun as you would expect. The kids got fits of giggles!

What a truly fabulous collection of Christmas time dads. Thank you Warner Brothers you kept us well entertained.



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