The benefits of laminate flooring

Today – The benefits of laminate flooring


My home flooring

I have a real mix of flooring in my house, picked for all different reasons  and I love each type for various reasons.

In the bedrooms we have soft carpet, perfect for my little kids toes to keep them warm and to feel soft underfoot. It’s in a brown speckled effect that hides marks like calpol spills and little bits of felt tip!

In my bedroom I have wooden floors meant to look all sophisticated but actually we may replace with cosy carpet too which gets far less dusty. Our bathroom has tiles, brand new , gorgeous large cream tiles they are so lovely and so easy to clean. A must in a bathroom where toothpaste gets squirted, baths get spilled over and all sorts!

In our downstairs hall we have stained wood floorboards which look very welcoming and in our lounge more carpet which is cosy.

In the kitchen and conservatory where we cook, play, work, tramp in out of the garden, ride scooters, craft, drop glue, dinners and paintbrushes I have installed laminate. I think laminate is a parent’s best friend.

The benefits of laminate flooring

The benefits of laminate flooring

1) the cost ..always a concern here at baby budgeting. You can get great value flooring from  factory direct flooring and they do a lovely range of budget laminates.

2) Laminate is great for those with allergies

3) Super quick and easy to clean so not wrecked by spilled drinks and muddy footie boots!

4)  It also goes with any kind of decor so no matter what you change on your walls your floor can stay the same.

5) if you put kids in a cardboard box and give them a little push over laminate they have a great time!


So the benefits of laminate flooring –  is absolutely the practical option particularly for those who have young children and I always think it looks very clean and fresh too.

What is your favourite flooring option?


I hope you like this post on the  benefits of laminate flooring and have found it useful


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