Floor tiles on a budget

Today – Floor tiles on a budget

When it comes to redesigning my kitchen there is a lot I want to do that I  just cannot afford to do. I would love a new table and I would love new chairs but sadly I think an oil table  cloth may be all my budget extends to. There are some fab ones around though and they will certainly look smarter than the stained and marked table.

I would love a stone floor kitchen. Fresh flowers and fresh fruit the only colour in the room.  White and grey as my colour scheme. But them again i would like it to always look pristine and be self cleaning. It’s not going to happen.

I have 2 kids and a messy husband and too much to do. I need functional, practical and as ever, I need to be on budget. And to be honest I love the crayon drawings on the wall and the fridge they give warmth to the room and celebrate my fabulous kids. Our kitchen is a lot about crafting and creating…the poor floor sees a lot of glue and glitter!


Floor tiles on a budget



Floor tiles on a budget

The kids scoot through our kitchen however much I tell them not too. We drop stuff, they spill stuff, football boots come in, mud,  wet grass, slopped cupcake mix from our baking experiments all take a tumble. Any floor tiles we buy need to be sturdy and super easy to clean to withstand my little family.  I mop up at least 3 x a week! (and really it should be more than that!)

I think laminate floor tiles fit both our budget and our current lifestyle. Easy to clean robust stylish and on budget they tick  the right boxes.

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