Online Restaurant Ordering JUST EAT

Today – Online Restaurant Ordering JUST EAT


When we were invited to try Just Eat earlier this month I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic. I thought it would just list a few local takeaways and charge us to order from them. I had totally the wrong idea!

Just Eat is actually rather fab.

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 JUST EAT Review

If you haven’t been on the website let me tell you a little bit about it. You simply pop in you postcode and pick form a drop down list of various types of take way the kind of food you fancy and t shows you nearby restaurants that deliver. If you aren’t  sure you can choose ‘show me everything’ instead.

Once you click on the restaurant you are interested in you get to see their menu and from their can order straight away. This saves you so much time searching around on the internet.

The fact everything is in one place and can be ordered form the one site means if you both want different things form different places it’s no hardship at all. And that is exactly what we did with out Just Eat voucher.

My husband ordered from a Chinese takeaway restaurant and I had some Indian food.  Ordered in minutes with no stress. I am liking Just Eat a lot!

I’ve been able to throw all those annoying takeaway leaflets and menus away now too!


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