Financial planning for the future

today – Financial planning for the future

I always thought when I was small that when I grew up I would be a vet. Then after a few years I would have a baby. I would bring up my baby send them off to school then go back to being a vet. How simple my plans were. I would earn lots of money and retire early (Oh yes I planned that too) to go and live somewhere sunny by the sea. I can’t recall if there was ever a husband in this scenario.

Things have not gone according to plan at all.

Financial planning for the future


Financial planning for the future – what I need to consider

I studied until I was 25, and then worked for 8 years as a social worker whilst retraining as a psychotherapist. (I know, perpetual student!) . When my son was born he was a teeny tiny 3lb and I stopped working for a year to look after him and I loved being a SAHM (stay at home mum) and so budgeted like mad and managed to continue this for several years. I did bits of work around my kids, I ran baby signing classes, I  wrote a book and began blogging  and still we budgeted as I tried to raise two kids and sort out a whole new career. It was tough living predominately on one wage and any planning for the future had to be put on hold.

But now the kids are at school and I write full time and we have to start thinking forwards. We have been living day to day for a while but it is time to start financial planning for the future. We have hit our forties and can’t leave it much longer!  We need some goals!

Over at you can use a free online tool called a wealth tracker to

  • Project and track your net worth
  • Set your financial goals and track your progress against them
  • Manage your money with visibility over all your current accounts and savings accounts

I think doing something like this is a really good idea for us as we need to make provisions for the future and keep an eye on how they are progressing. It all feels very ‘grown up’ but pensions, university and the like are closer than I like to think and none of us can deny how the years whizz by!


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