Maternity Clothes on a Budget

Today – Maternity Clothes on a Budget

Oh maternity clothes I have had such a love / hate relationship with you. Love because you can look so cute and you dressed my bumps and hate because some of you I seemed to wear endlessly!


Maternity Clothes on a Budget

Maternity Clothes on a Budget

I had to go to a wedding when I was pregnant and it seemed such a terrible waste of money to me to buy an outfit that was wedding worthy that I would probably only wear once. So I basically had 2 options I could borrow a dress from a no longer pregnant friend who had splashed out on a formal maternity outfit or I could ‘make do’. Despite being tempted and indeed offered the outfit I didn’t borrow it in the end  I was far too worried about ripping it. You see Ii felt the size of a baby hippo!

But I also didn’t give in and splash the cash.

I decided all eyes would be on my bump at best certainly not me and most probably everyone would mostly be focused on the Bride. So I simply wore my smartest maternity clothes which were a white shirt and some dark blue trousers with a spotty blue scarf big earrings and good hair and make up. I felt very comfy and all was well. I smiled a lot to make up for my lack of jazzy outfit!

Some maternity clothes were definitely worth the investment. Maternity jeans and leggings a couple of very comfy tops and maternity swimwear  which enabled me to keep fit whilst feeling comfortable throughout my pregnancy. Basic staples and good accessories that is my maternity fashion advice. Oh yes and definitely change your bra as you need to. And you will need to! Things you will wear again and again are worth buying but one offs really aren’t worth it.


Unless of course its your wedding!


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