Simple money saving advice we can ALL follow

I always think simple money saving advice we can ALL follow  needs to be one of three things.


simple money saving advice


Simple money saving advice we can ALL follow

Firstly it has to be straightforward, complex financial advice confuses almost everyone so jargon free personal finance tips are a must!

Secondly it has to be do-able. If it’s not simple to implement it is highly unlikely that any of us are going to follow it.

Thirdly it needs to be bite-size. It is very hard to completely overhaul our financial behaviour all in one go, we need to be able to take a step at a time and see where those steps are heading.

I have just watched a fun money savings tips animated video  that made me nod my  head vigorously and repeated absolutely rather a lot!  The video, which you can find over at Planner Wealth  rather brilliantly shares straightforward, do-able and bite-size financial advice AND it presents this in a really enjoyable way.

Personal finance advice really does not have to be dry and we do need to be able to see ourselves achieving it.

Do have a watch!

As a result I am taking some simple actions. I am setting up a penny pot today and popping over to read the brilliant money saving blog Be Clever with Your Cash I am also cancelling tonight’s take away and doing a meal plan for the week.

I will also be having a peek at My Voucher Codes to find the latest active discount vouchers and codes before I start Christmas shopping. It only takes a moment but these codes can generate huge savings

Small changes can really add up.

Can you implement any of the simple savings the video suggest into your everyday life?


Simple money saving advice we can ALL follow is a collaborative post you might also like my post on tips to save money when you have a baby




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  1. October 17, 2017 / 4:17 am

    Oh I am off to have a look, I definitely need to remember to make small steps in the right direction! Saving sometimes feels overwhelming when on a limited budget..

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