Simple photo editing with Fotor

Simple photo editing with Fotor

Fotor is an online photo editing that’s really intuitive and fun to use.

It is simple too which is really, really important to busy bloggers like me who have lots of photos to edit for blog posts and images to make for Pinterest/Instagram/Facebook and so on.

I know that simplicity of use is also really important to busy parents like you who just want to crack on with photo editing and not have to spend hours figuring out how it works.

For making your own stickers, cards, collages and so on Fotor really does have the holidays season wrapped up and it is a lovely way to make your own personalised art work for Christmas.

I just love the idea of making my own greeting cards with pictures of the kids on. I think that will be huge fun and seem really personal.

I also thought I might take advantage of the collage maker to make  sweet thrifty gifts for my kids. I thought I would make up little collages with photos of their years then print them and pop them in frames as part of their Christmas stocking.

Won’t that be cute!

I love to change my social media at Christmas too and Fotor are a fabulous resource for social media lovers like me . They have a whole page of ready made templates, sized perfectly for your different needs.


Here is a speedy little example of how you can use Fotor.

I made this in about 1 minute using a Fotor template and it is the perfect size and shape for Instagram. How useful is that!

Simple photo editing with Fotor

I am delighted with Fotor and can see that I will be using it a lot this Christmas and  I will also be using it regularly to enhance my blog and social media!






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