McCain Jackets are a done for you baked potato, so you can have healthy food really fast and a great lunch time alternative to sandwiches.


McCain Jackets

To chat all about speedy lunches join us on Wednesday Nov 2nd from 12:30-1:30pm for a#Lunchin5 Twitter party with me @beckygoddardh @tots100 and @McCainUK

You could win one £100 supermarket voucher or one of five £20 supermarket voucher ! That worth a few minutes tweeting!

We will be asking:

  • What is your favourite Jacket Potato topping? #Lunchin5
  • If you had 5 mins to make a quick jacket potato topping, what would you choose? #Lunchin5
  • What’s in your fridge for left over toppings for a @McCainUK Jacket Potato #Lunchin5?
  • Do you prefer a classic topping or something more exotic? #Lunchin5
  • Share your creations for a quick #Lunchin5
  • Share your best potato pun #Lunchin5
  • Hot or cold jacket potato topping? #Lunchin5
  • Whackiest jacket potato topping? #Lunchin5

How to join in:

Be sure to be on Twitter from 12:30-1:30pm

Follow   @beckygoddardh @tots100 and @McCainUK  and use the hashtag #lunchin5