Tips to save money when you have a baby

September and October are the months with the highest birth rates. For this reason, it is a good time to find out about  some tips that can be used when you have a baby.

You should make a distinction between what cost-saving measures can be implemented during the first months of the baby’s life and after half a year, as this is the moment in which enough changes take place for both the baby and the mother.


Tips to save money when you have a baby


First months

One of any mother’s main concerns is the food her baby is receiving. Both for women who have chosen to breastfeed and those who prepare formula bottles, adjusting the amounts is recommended. This  way, there will be no need to reheat or throw away large quantities of food.

It is also advisable to sterilize water by boiling it rather than buying bottles of mineral water that are more expensive.

It is better to buy diapers or wipes wholesale and online because there are many websites that offer special prices and discounts. It is also very common to buy saline solution. However, it is advisable to buy a bottle of saline and syringes instead of the monodose format.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t buy too many clothes because relatives and friends usually buy these for the baby and some items of clothing end up not being used. Onesies are a real hit for babies, as they usually feel very comfortable in them and they can also be used as a shirt.

Additionally, a mother must also take care of herself during these months. She can buy coconut or rosehip oil instead of cosmetic creams that are much more expensive. Also, if she uses  an electric breast pump, it is better to use rechargeable batteries.


From half a year

Although the baby is growing, food is still one of the aspects that generates the most doubts in mothers.

However, before talking about what food to give the baby, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of using a bib. Plastic bibs are ideal because they can be cleaned and dried quickly and therefore, owning one or two is enough.

As for meals, the best way to save money and keep the baby healthy is to prepare homemade purees that can be frozen. The same goes for fruit jars. Also, if you want to prepare milk with cereal, buying oatmeal is advisable because it is healthier, contains 0 sugars, and it is cheaper.

You should also  stop and think about how you can save money when buying clothes. The best option is to buy clothes for babies that are a little bit older than your baby, this way they last longer.

Another aspect to highlight are toys. Rather than buying a lot of toys, it is better to buy toys that each serve a different purpose and function:  one toy with sounds, one with different textures, that teach the baby to crawl, etc.

During the first months of a baby’s life, the family will probably take a trip somewhere. Therefore, it is also necessary to know about the tips that can be put into practice when traveling.

We recommend bringing the baby’s favourite stuffed animal so that he or she has something familiar to hold on to in the new environment.  It is also important to bring a medicine kit in case the baby gets ill..

Ideally, if you are traveling by plane, you should take everything that is necessary, including the baby’s laundry detergent in a small bottle. If the trip is short, it is better to bring your own  diapers. If, on the contrary, the trip is longer, it is a better idea to buy them in the destination because too many diapers won’t leave space for anything else in the suitcase. In addition, it is worth mentioning that you are allowed to go through security with baby food and water in a thermos and that mother and baby have priority access at the time of boarding.


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