How to Save Money with a Newborn

Today – How to Save Money with a Newborn

Having a baby in this economy is not easy, especially since prices seem to be constantly on the rise. However, smart parents know that there are tips and tricks that can be done to introduce their newborns into your home on a budget.

 How to Save Money with a Newborn


How to Save Money with a Newborn


1. Use cloth diapers instead of disposable ones.

Cloth diapers are just like the disposable ones—they are easy to use, convenient and still look cute on your bub. However, cloth diapers will help you save hundreds of dollarsover using disposable ones. But if you still prefer disposable ones (cloth diapers may be more affordable but they do come with that added hassle of having to clean them!); then ensure you buy diapers in bulk from stores which offer bulk buy discounts.


2. Purchase second-hand furniture and clothes from yard sales or online classifieds sites.

Having a newborn baby requires a lot of new purchases such as crib, stroller and high chair. To save money, scour your local yard sale or visit online classifieds websites such as for great pre-used bargains.Plenty of second hand items are still in great condition, meaning you get a quality item for half the price or less!


Buying second-hand clothes for your bub is also a great way to save a few pennies since babies quickly outgrow their clothes. You can easily find barely used second hand clothes online or at your local thrift store. You can also ask your relatives and friends for some hand-me-downs as there are always a few of these floating around!Purchasing expensive clothes for your newborn is unnecessary and can be an added financial burden on new parents.


3. Clip and collect coupons.

Coupons for baby supplies will never save you a bundle but every penny counts when you’ve just starte a family. You can check your local newspaper or daily deal sites for coupons from your favourite manufacturers. Make sure to sign up for newsletters from baby companies since as this is how they tend to announce discountsand special offers.


4. Make your own baby food.

Baby food can be a huge cost to new families, and a large chunk of your baby budget can go to this. Not only will making your own baby food save you money, but it also means you’ll know exactly what is going into your bubs meals.There are lots of free baby food recipes online that you can access and try reproduce. It is easy, economical and best of all you will know what exactly you are feeding your baby.


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