Muddy Puddles Review

For our Muddy Puddles review we have been waiting for rain. And waiting and waiting for rain. It’s come down whilst the kids have been in school but each time they aren’t…not a drop. Sigh. So we have been modelling them in the kitchen!

Normally they are everywhere.

Muddy puddles.

Kids love muddy puddles don’t they?

It’s like there is a magnet to children inside every muddy puddle that just pulls them in.


Whats wrong about the above picture is her trousers got soaked! You have to be kitted out properly if you are going to embrace puddles!

When my children were little and it was enter time and I  was feeling a little blue my step mother in law gave me some good advice. She said

no matter what the weather you have to get out in the fresh air. It’s good for everyone to have  daylight  and exercise no matter what the weather..and if you have the right clothes the wether rally doenstop you doung much.

WE were sent two pairs of muddy puddles soriginal trousers to review. These cost £18. These are just perfect to wear over regular clothese. They can get wet dirty, snowy and splashed but little legs stay all warm aco cosy 2 laters inside. wewaring these kids can go slefdging on the park whaever they wish wihout worries they will get cold and incomfortable.

They look rather fabulous too don’t you think.


muddy puddle review

My kids are really chuffed with them and the elasticated waist means they will last a while. What do you think of their cute socks? These are called cosy socks and they are  thick and fleecy to the touch making them perfect for keeping feet warm.

Cosy socks cost just £4 a pair

These clothes are lovely quality.  There are lots more practical items in the range to keep you out and about whatever the weather.


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