Mikey Digital Review

I am by no means a tecchy kind of  person.

I struggle to turn our ( complicated ) TV on. If the kids want the wii on I call my 9 year old son. I last changed a plug in physics class some 26 years ago.

Despite this I make my living through writing on the web, hosting twitter parties, doing google hangouts, podcasts, etc.  I admit I get quite a lot of technical help from my hubby but actually my key to managing all this IT ‘stuff’ is to use good quality and simple intuitive devises.

When I was offered the opportunity to try the Mikey Digital microphone with the iPad I was excited. I have a Snowball microphone that I used for podcasting and I know the qualiity of the Blue microphones is excellent.

The Mikey digital is a microphone for those on the move and is compatible with the iPad and the iphone 4. It is a plug it and play microphone instantly recognised for use with any audio or visual app.

I had a go at recording myself for you tube in a room with the TV on and my kids muttering and I tried it with and without the Mikey. The sharpness and clarity with the Mikey was great.  It is simple to use and you can position the mike easily to catch the sound you want.

To my husbands delight Mikey Digital also features a multi-source input jack that allows for direct connection of guitars and other sound sources to record with really sharp sound quality.

 Mikey’s three settings allow you to record everything from  a loud concert to a whisper. It also comes with  its own soft carrying pouch for storage and protection I have an iphone 5 and with apples lightening adaptor the Mikey can be used with this phone as wella s the iphone 4. This means I can make quality recordings from my ipad and iphone rather than having to comeback to my PC to do so.


And it really could not be simpler device to use.

The Mikey Digital costs £99 and is available from Blue Microphones, Currys, Amazon etc.


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