The Best Baby Budgeting Tips

Today – Best Baby budgeting tips

Are you looking for the very best baby budgeting tips and ideas?

When I started to murmur after having my son that I didn’t really want to return to work I got a lot of advice. I mean a lot. Buckets full of the stuff.  Everyone seemed to know something about budgeting with a baby. Here are some of the best baby budgeting tips I think I was ever given.


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Best Baby Budgeting Tips Ever

  1. Tell people you are on a budget and they will stop putting you in awkward situations (and they understand when they get baby footprint pics for Christmas!)
  2. Line dry! Line dry! Line dry!
  3. Meal plan
  4. Breastfeed as long as you can ( if you can)
  5. Creative children need imagination and space not ‘stuff’ one of my baby budgeting tips that will last he b length of childhood
  6. Use ‘real nappies’ as opposed to disposable ones
  7. Parent and toddler groups are the best value EVER!
  8. Learn to love walking and save on petrol
  9. Learn to say no to social events and situations you can’t afford
  10. You do not have to impress your antenatal group with having cool baby stuff. You do not. Just be friendly and open. That’s so much more valuable.
  11. Little babies DO NOT CARE if you have a designer pram or if they have designer clothes. It does not make them happy or shape their future.
  12. Kids cost more as they grow up so  do not blow the savings on stuff for now
  13. Before you turn up your heating try everything else ( layers, draught excluders, drink hot drinks and socks on!)
  14. Check every benefit you are entitled to it could make all the difference.
  15. Look into your mortgages ,  give your advisor a call.  can you reduce payments, have a break, change the type of mortgage you have. Its the biggest expense you have and any changes could hugely affect your back to work decisions.
  16. Advice may be free but do not listen to all the advice you are given (except that from your health visitor)
  17. If someone asks what your baby would like for their christening/birthday/Christmas be specific (swimming lessons, a high chair, new bibs, first shoes are all money-saving options, do not be shy, they probably really don’t need more toys and clothes)


Having a lot of money does not a good parent make so ease yourself of guilt if money is not flowing by the time your baby arrives.

The funniest of the best baby budgeting tips

All good advice I think you will agree. This one was a cracker….

        Stop worrying about your own hair or clothes and how you will afford to keep up, no ones looking at you any more anyway! (How charming!)


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The best Baby Budgeting tips are just common sense but having a baby can send this out the window.  Keep talking about money with your partner/family, share your best baby budgeting tips with others and try and keep on a good baby budgeting track.

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Over to you for your best baby budgeting tips

I would love to hear your favourite tips – what do you have to add to this list? I think it is just so important to share what we know and build conversations and communities around money saving.



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  1. Willette
    January 26, 2013 / 5:30 am

    This is wonderful advice…Wish I had had all this knowledge
    when my kids were babies…They are grown now…Be with yours as long as you can…They will all grow up and move on sooner than you think!

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  4. Molly
    October 18, 2014 / 7:06 pm

    Tips are great. Personally I think the last comment is very sad. Mostly because I feel many women don’t feel important and they feel like “no ones looking at them anymore”. That is so sad. Your life doesn’t end because you have kids, and you are still worth buying nice clothes for. My mother always put us first, and sometimes she lost respect with us as she didn’t take care of herself enough. Ladies…. save money for your clothes and look good, you are just as important as your kids.

  5. Crystal
    November 17, 2015 / 2:01 pm

    It’s a?l great advice. And the last one is funny, as its exactly what my Mother-in-law said to me, then and now. Lol
    My advice is Spend time with your kiddos, they will remember that more then clothes and toys that they’ll outgrow. And don’t follow the last piece of advice. Keep on trying to keep up your standards, within reason costwise. I tried to follow my MIL’s advice and felt miserable whenever i looked in the mirror. If you feel good, kids will pick up on that.
    Also, once bub is old enough to eat solids, make extra vegetables when making your own dinner. Then blend it all up & portion control it in ice-cube trays.

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