Pampers Wonder Week

Between 31st March – 6th April, Pampers  we are working with selected retailers across the UK on a Wonder Week of amazing deals!

wonder week

This is something all budgeting parents do not want to miss.

Buying in bulk is often a fabulously thrifty option and this is at the heart of Wonder Week.

Allyou have to do  to make the very most of the savings on offer is visit,

Once there all you have to do is choose your preferred retailer from the list available, pick a product deal and click through to their site to purchase. Easy as pie and their are some super savings to be had indeed!

Here are some of the fabulous offers that will be available

  • Amazon 30% off voucher* with Amazon’s ‘Family’ discount, meaning up to 50% off’ for

Amazon Prime members*

  • Asda Baby Dry Giga Pack £12 (instore only)*

12x Sensitive Wipes for £8*

Baby Dry Jumbo Packs are 2 for £18*

New Baby Jumbo Pack are £6*

  • Boots 5x Baby Dry or New Baby or Active Fit Essential Packs for £25*

5x Pampers Mega Packs for £45*

12x Sensitive Wipes for £8*

  • Morrisons 3x Baby Dry Essentials Pack for £15*

3x Baby Dry Jumbo Pack for £25*

12x Sensitive Wipes for £8*

New Baby Essential Packs 2 for £13*

  • Ocado 5x Baby Dry or New Baby or Active Fit Essential Packs for £25*

12x Sensitive Wipes for £8*

  • Superdrug 5x Baby Dry or New Baby or Active Fit Essential Packs for £25*
  • Tesco 2x Baby Dry or New Baby Dry Pants Large Packs for £14*

New Baby Jumbo Packs 2 for £14*

  • Waitrose 5x Essential Packs for £25*

3x 5x Sensitive Wipes for £12*

How fabulous!

Super savings tips

Karyn at Miss Thrifty blog is a big advocate of buying in bulk to make good savings and she has some awesome savings advice about shopping this way. Here are 3 of my favourite tips from her:

  1. Always compare costs and check the price per unit.

Check this price-per-unit, compare it and make a judgement call as to whether you will be saving money in the long-term.


  1. If you are buying baby products, think long-term.

Think ahead if you are bulk-buying baby items such as clothes and nappies, Babies grow so quickly, so it’s sensible to buy a size up, or mix and match your bulk buy products. Disposable baby wipes are something you’ll be buying for years, so your bulk buy will definitely get used!


  1. Be wary of bulk-buying a product or brand you haven’t bought previously.

Fortunately, many of the baby brands are available to try at no cost or low cost: Pampers, for example, will send you free samples (

Love a free sample – me!


So my top budgeting tip for this week would be to get yourself over to Wonder Week and get stocked up on some bargains!





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